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In April 2015, to mark the passing of Mr Lee Kuan Yew, founder of modern Singapore, Writing the City invited Singaporeans to pen a 300-word reflection on what this towering figure had meant to them.

Mr Lee will be remembered as an intellectual, a visionary politician and a statesman who earned the respect of governments around the world. He will also be remembered as a formidable and pragmatic ruler who laid the foundations for the prosperity of Singapore today.

But we asked: what did Mr Lee mean to you personally? How did his vision for the country affect your personal or cultural sense of identity – perhaps even the way that you think of yourself as Singaporean?

This is what you told us.

Thank You 

Singapore has transformed from a small fishing port to a garden city. Within just 50 years, Singapore has upgraded from a third world country to become a first world country. This is largely due to the strong leadership possessed by Mr Lee Kuan Yew who also made the right decisions at the right moment along with a strong group of ministers which worked closely with him have contributed to the great success of Singapore. 

Thank You Mr Lee Kuan Yew for your great contribution, without him there will be no Singapore. 

Lim Jia Yi

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