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01 May 2024 - 09:00

Student Testimonial - Yuta

Here in Singapore, where multilingualism is a national strength, having strong English skills is crucial for success in education, career, and daily life. At the British Council, we recognise the important role of English and are committed to enhancing English skills through personalised learning approaches. Personalised pathways allow students to learn at the level that best caters to their overall strengths, interests, and learning needs. 

What is Personalised Learning? 

Personalised learning is an educational approach that tailors the learning experience to each individual student's strengths, needs, interests, and learning style. Unlike the traditional 'one size fits all' approach, personalised learning aims to provide each student with a unique learning plan that helps them to achieve their full potential.

The British Council’s Personalised English programmes 

The British Council prioritises real progress and results. We help learners to achieve this through our 1:1/Small group private lessons for kids and teens and 1:1/Small group private lessons for adults

For young learners (ages 5-17): Kids and teens have diverse ways of learning; some respond best to pictures and videos, while others might prefer listening or doing activities. Our private lessons aim to match these learning styles to keep students engaged and excited. This approach helps to build a solid English foundation while fostering a lifelong enthusiasm for learning.

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For office workers (ages 18 onwards): Business professionals often have limited time for learning. Our customised lessons are designed to fit your lifestyle and schedule, focusing on what you need the most, such as business writing or presentation skills. We aim to make learning directly relevant to your jobs, helping you to apply your new skills in real work situations more effectively.

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Course topis for kids and teens Course topics for adults
  • English support for school: Classes tailored for young learners in both MOE (Ministry of Education) and International schools to boost their English language and skills.
  • Help with school subjects: Assistance with subjects like Literature, History, Geography, and Science that are taught in English.
  • Exam prep and skills focus: Preparation for key exams such as PSLE, O-levels, General Paper, IB, and IELTS. We also offer courses focusing on specific skills like creative writing, composition, and comprehension.
  • Speaking skills: Courses aimed at improving pronunciation and speaking abilities.
  • Phonics and early literacy: Classes designed to help young learners develop early reading and writing skills.
  • Speaking and pronunciation
  • Presentation skills and public speaking 
  • General English for all proficiency levels
  • Business English 
  • IELTS and Cambridge English test preparation
  • Interview preparation
  • Email or report writing
  • Industry specific courses (for sectors such as pharmaceutical, financial, retail, hospitality, shipping, and more)

As our courses are designed to be highly flexible, students are welcomed to make the following adjustments to your personalised learning plan:

  • Dual enrolment: Sign up for both 1:1 and small group classes simultaneously to enjoy the best of both worlds.
  • Hybrid learning: If you're in Singapore for a short time, you can start your lessons in person and then continue with an online English course after you return home. This option is also especially useful for learners who have to travel, and we'll work with you to make sure it's a good fit.
  • Class size for small group classes: Our personalised sessions can have up to 3 students, ensuring individual attention while allowing for a semi-private learning experience.
  • Flexible scheduling: We will develop a learning schedule based on your preferred days and time. The number of classes per week can also vary based on what works for you and the availability of our teachers as we aim to make learning English as convenient as possible.
  • Learning where you are: Want lessons at home or another location? We can do that! Whether you learn at our centre or elsewhere, we'll find a schedule that works with our teachers' availability.

What to expect from the British Council’s Personalised courses 

Pre-course consultations: We conduct thorough assessments with our students before starting any course. These consultations help us to understand your learning needs and ensure your time with us is customised from the outset. We will then assign a suitable teacher who will match the course content and teaching methods to fit your goals and strengths. 

Progress checks and personalised feedback: Regular progress checks are a staple of our educational approach. These allow us to provide you with personalised feedback and reports, highlighting your achievements and areas to improve. This continuous loop of assessment and feedback is key to ensuring steady improvement and keeping the learning experience aligned with your evolving goals.

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What our parent said about our 1:1/Small group private lessons for kids and teens

Shinichiro, parent of Yuta, 17 years old, Napier Road Centre 

'Yuta's high school teacher praised his improvement in English language skills, especially speaking skills.'

'This course has helped Yuta to confidently make a restaurant reservation over the phone and interact with his foreign basketball friend. If we lived in Tokyo, he would not have been able to speak English in this way.'

'The teacher was 100% respectful of Yuta’s learning style. The teacher also gave him advice on how to improve his English level.'

Online learning: Our online 1:1 and small group private lessons are designed to offer flexibility and personalisation, allowing you to learn from your dedicated teacher in a way that fits your schedule and preferred location seamlessly. Here's how you benefit from our online learning environment:

  • Learner autonomy: We empower you to take charge of your learning journey, encouraging a sense of responsibility and self-discipline that extends beyond the classroom.
  • Customised learning: Our approach is highly attentive to your individual needs, even when online. Our teachers will tailor courses to match your pace and learning objectives for a truly personalised experience.
  • Premium accessibility: With us, you'll receive a premium, single-point-of-contact service throughout your study. A dedicated member of our team will be on hand to assist with scheduling, adjustments, and any aspect of your learning experience, ensuring smooth and effective progress towards your goals.

What our student said about our 1:1/Small group private lessons for adults

Mui Siang, Napier Road Centre

'Clare (my teacher) always started with a weekly update, creating a topic for me to share about my work and personal life while correcting my pronunciation and use of words, etc. This helped me to become more mindful of my pronunciation when I speak.'

'Clare prepared customised materials according to my needs. This helped to identify the weaknesses that I need to improve on.'

'At work, I prepared slides and presented them during my organisation’s department development day. The feedback from my superiors and peers was positive, i.e. I was well prepared, and the slide layout was easy to follow.'

Enhanced confidence: While personalised learning is about academic success and meeting your learning goals, it's also about building confidence and motivation. We firmly believe that equipping learners with the right skills and resources is key to increasing your confidence to navigate your daily life. By focusing on individual goals and providing targeted support, we help you to see your progress and achievements, boosting your self-esteem and enthusiasm for a variety of activities.

Education for the 21st century: Our approach goes beyond language proficiency. We emphasise cultural awareness and understanding, fostering a sense of belonging and community among our students. Through both our online English course and in-person programmes, we create opportunities for learners to connect, share experiences, and learn from each other, enriching their educational journey with a broader perspective on the world.

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We encourage you to reach out and discuss how our personalised courses can support your or your child's English learning journey. Learn more about our 1:1/Small group private lessons, and take the next step towards mastering English with confidence and ease.

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