myClass revolutionises the delivery of language courses

Every year, I search out language courses with a clear plan in mind, that THIS will be the year that I become fluent in English. But then I look up the course schedules and realise I can’t attend every class because of my travel plans or my son’s school event or my work or … or … or. So then I give up, and think … next year. 

This year was different. I found myClass. myClass understands busy people.

With the myClass pass, I choose and book which lessons I can attend. I have credits so I make my own schedule. I direct my lesson schedule. And I choose the topics that are most useful to me. Finally, I had no reasons and no excuses NOT to start. This year is the year I learn.

Kim Su Jin
myClass student
British Council Singapore


According to Claire Firat, the Head of English Courses for Adult Learners at the British Council Singapore, myClass has revolutionised the way language courses are delivered. She explains why in the interview below.

What do students want from a course?

Well, many people living in Singapore have relocated from non-English speaking countries and suddenly find themselves struggling to talk to their child’s teacher or the air conditioner repairman or the doctor, or find their new office colleagues don’t understand them. So their needs from a course are for immediate, practical help and practice in a safe environment. But this course needs to be flexible too – it needs to understand that their lives are busy and that they are juggling other commitments. myClass is the perfect course for busy people. It helps them with their speaking, their pronunciation, their listening and vocabulary. Sometimes, they have been making the same grammar error for years and noone has told them. myClass is very much based on teachers giving feedback on individual student needs. myClass students use the word ‘confidence’ a lot to talk about how they feel at the end of their studies – they come to us with a lack of confidence and by the end, they are leading the conversations and in control!

How does myClass work?

It is often impossible for students to plan fixed schedules for the days ahead. The learning concept for myClass revolves around flexibility. Each student is able to decide for himself/herself, how fast and which topics he/she would like to learn. Students can take charge of their own learning and learn at the pace which they are comfortable with. They buy a two month or six month pass, and have the freedom to use their lesson credits at any time within that time. Every ten lessons, they have the opportunity to have an personal academic counselling and assessment session with a teacher to help focus on the areas in which they need to improve, and to point out their successes!

What is myClub?

myClub is the exclusive language club for British Council students. We want to provide a relaxed learning environment where students support each other, enlarge their circle of friends and practise their language skills. myClub offers daily language workshops which are free-of-charge for students of the British Council. The workshops range from Art discussions, Poetry critiques, Grammar doctors, Pronunciation practice to Coffee and conversation gatherings and Language practice through Card games. Events such as museum visits, bicycle excursions and evening soirees are organised monthly as well. Everyone knows friends are the best motivators when it comes to maintaining your energy for learning!

Are there exams?

Not in myClass – that’s not what our students want. But we do offer a whole range of other courses such as Cambridge English Exam Preparation for people who want to get recognition of their language level, IELTS Exam Preparation for students who need to prepare for university or migration, and a whole suite of Business English and Academic Preparation courses as well. 

Do you have courses for children too?

We cater for the whole family here – across five campuses. We have Learning Time with Shawn and Timmy where students as young as two years old can take part. British Council Preschool in Tampines Centre is for three to six year olds. We also offer once-a-week courses for primary and secondary students to support their school studies.