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Find out why British Council Singapore's SMART English: Certificate in Intensive English is the ultimate course to prepare you for work, study and life. The unique study programme ensures you fully equip yourself to fast-track your future success.

  1. We accept new students 50 weeks of the year, from all around the world; from South America to Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Europe. You have a chance to make friends with a diverse group of talented and interesting people.
  2. We understand that every student is different, with different strengths, different needs, and different speeds of learning. So we plan your study pathway and track your progress through the language levels at your pace. Not the pace of your classmates.
  3. Do you need to improve for work, to talk to your children’s teachers, to survive or are you planning to study at university? You can choose between the General English or Academic English streams, depending on your language learning desires.
  4. We teach you more than English! In Life Skills, we focus on soft skills to help you get ahead in your communications. From brainstorming techniques to being assertive to giving presentations, we aim to raise awareness of cultural differences and help you master the art of communicating through English.
  5. How often have you left a lesson and though ‘What do I do now?’. You want to practise but you’re not sure how. We have a tailored Further Learning Programme to guide your study outside of the classroom, and help you discover how to help yourself.
  6. British Council teachers are highly qualified and extremely passionate experts. We use a combination of up-to-date coursebooks and our own in-house materials to bring the most out of the lessons.
  7. We provide lessons in a relaxed environment where students work collaboratively to produce and practise. Those staid language classes from your childhood will not be revisited here! Expect to enjoy the learning process.
  8. British Council myClub’s extraordinary free programme of workshops exclusive to British Council students means students can practise their English and meet friends beyond their class. Every day, there are free language workshops to attend, day or night, to help fast-track your improvement.
  9. British Council is a key partner in many arts, cultural and educational projects across Singapore, so preview movie screenings, tickets to literature, sporting and even fashion events, and other unique opportunities are provided to our students because of the varied and important work we do.
Student outing to River Safari, 14 December 2013
GREAT British Carnival - Tina and Miya with Steve Shaw, Senior Teacher Adults, at Photo Booth
GREAT British Carnival - Tina and Miya with Steve Shaw, Senior Teacher Adults, at Photo Booth. ©

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