Singapore SG50 Workshops

On August 9th 2015, Singapore celebrates her 50th National Day.

A variety of activities have been planned for the whole year to commemorate this landmark year for our island nation, including the SG50 emblem signifying our “little red dot”.

The Teacher Development Centre at the British Council (Singapore) launched a series of 50 bite-sized public workshops to run weekly throughout the year from January onwards, at a special SG50 price of $50 per participant.

Themes for these 3-hour sessions range from language-focussed workshops such as Fun with Pronunciation to 21st century themes such as Encouraging Personal Response, Teaching Visually, and Developing Critical Thinking Skills.

The workshops have been receiving overwhelming responses, not just from school teachers and educators, but also from the general public, including parents of school-going children and professionals from diverse industry sectors. Such mixed audiences have elevated the quality of interaction and participation in the workshops, with much more varied viewpoints springing up during the sessions. 

Several teachers who have participated in the SG50 workshops provided us with fantastic testimonials and how these workshops changed their perception on lesson planning and class room management. 

Quotes from participants:

“I used to think that children’s literature is shallow, but now I realize that a lot can be discussed and learnt from the illustrations and the language of the book.”

- Participant of the Developing Critical Thinking Skills through Children’s Literature workshop

 “I used to think that it is ‘risky’ to devote time to discussion, because it is harder to track ‘outcomes’, but now I understand that it is essential for a student’s understanding and growth as a person in a world brimming with information, always in flux. I thoroughly enjoyed the ‘hands-on’ experience – very few teacher trainers could do this!”

- Participant of the Effective Questioning Techniques workshop

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