SMART English student: Hussain A'attas

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How SMART English and myClub helped Hussain improve his English language, especially in writing after studying with British Council Singapore.

Tell us a few things about yourself (past jobs/schools/courses, passions, quirky facts about yourself, etc.)

I just graduated from high school in Saudi Arabia, and I planned to join NUS (one of the best universities in Asia). I would like to be best surgery; it's difficult but not impossible. I really like doing any kind of sport, because I believe in “A sound mind in a sound body"

Do you like Singapore? What are the things you like about this country?

Yes, I do like Singapore, I like the way how people respect each other and the rules, and how it's simple and safe to transport even for children. Also how it's easy talk and communicate with anyone.

Why did you choose to come and study at the British Council in Singapore?

I'm in a scholarship program from my government, and they chose British Council for me. I believe that they had chosen the best for me.

Do you feel you made a lot of improvement? Which part of your English improved the most?

Of course I my English language has improved, especially in writing.

What do you find difficult about using English?  How did the British Council help you with this?

I don't really find anything difficult about using English, but I can say that the writing is a bit difficult. However, British Council helped me to improve my English language In general.

You attended a lot of myClub activities.  How did these help you? Did you have a favourite?

It did help me to meet new friends. I don't have a favourite one, because I focused on meeting new people and improve my language.

Do you have any advice or tips for people who are thinking of learning English or already doing so? 

Just don't be shy.

Would you recommend British Council Singapore to friends? Why (not)?

Of course I would, because I had a perfect experience with them. I liked the way they were teaching me. I had friendly relationship with teachers. However they would do the best to help any student.

SMART English students: Hussain, Manon and Sachiko
SMART English students: Hussain, Manon and Sachiko ©

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