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Manon Poncato shares on why she would definitely recommend British Council Singapore's SMART English and myClub.

Tell us a few things about yourself (past jobs/schools/courses, passions, quirky facts about yourself, etc.) Do you like Singapore? What are the things you like about this country? 

I do like this country. Despite the really unexpectable weather here, I've enjoyed all the visits I have done. Museums here are all interesting, there are also beautiful gardens around and impressive buildings. I enjoy being able to travel in Singapore, to go everywhere in the whole country in less than 2 hours with transports. Furthermore, Singapore is a safe country, even more than European ones. So I feel free to go everywhere, when I want and dressed as I want. This is important, especially for a woman. 

At last, the multicultural city of Singapore is amazing, on one island, we can find China Town, Little India, Arab Street and many other places influenced by Western people. It is a very enriching environment.

Why did you choose to come and study at the British Council in Singapore?

I wanted to improve my English during my holidays in Singapore and the British Council is said to be the best place to do so. In addition, the one in Napier Rd is fortunately close to my place so useful for me!

Do you feel you made a lot of improvement? Which part of your English improved the most?

I do think so. I have learnt a lot of vocabulary and my speaking skill is a way better than when I just arrived. It is a pity I have to leave next week because I'd have become fluent in English with about one more month maybe!

What do you find difficult about using English?  How did the British Council help you with this?

What is difficult in English, for me, is to pronounce every words in the right way, because sometimes my accent is so strong that people don't understand me although I am speaking English! So the British Council integrate me in an environment where English is the only way to communicate and all the other students work on their accent too. Our teachers focus also on it, not only on the capacity of making sentences. Our teachers' way of speaking is also very clear, which is a good model.

You attended a lot of myClub activities.  How did these help you? Did you have a favourite?

I went to an Idioms Dr class and a day to discover Marina Bay Sands and the Art Science Museum. I have liked both of them because they allow me to discover many things. I have no favourite because they were really different.

Do you have any advice or tips for people who are thinking of learning English or already doing so?

My advice would be to not be afraid to take part during the lesson and make effort to speak with your partners on your table because it is the only way to learn fast and easily and have fun obviously. I also make my homework everyday and write a list of every single new words of the day and this help me a lot to memorize the lesson, as well as being able to express myself easier the next day or out of class. It is not a waste of time at all for me!

Would you recommend British Council Singapore to friends? Why (not)?

Definitely, at the British Council everyone are very kind and helpful. The courses contents  are interesting and useful. Furthermore, even the full time class is only in the morning OR in the afternoon so you have still a lot of free time. You can learn English quickly without having to burn the midnight oil! However, not everyone can afford it. But quality has a price!

SMART English students: Hussain, Manon and Sachiko
SMART English students: Hussain, Manon and Sachiko ©

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