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Our student, Ziyu, who came from China, shares how the SMART English course with British Council Singapore has helped him prepare for the university entrance exam. 

Share with us about yourself and the course you selected at the British Council.

My name is Yang Ziyu. I am 19 years old and I am from Xiamen, China. The class that I attended is SMART English pre-intermediate level. I am in year 3 in High School.

Why did you decide to come to Singapore and study at the British Council?

I came to Singapore because I want to improve on my English to go to university after my High School. In China, there are no schools like British Council. I also want to learn to be independent living in Singapore alone.

How did you find out about the British Council?

My friend from China has a sister who used to study here. My friend and I studied together and became classmates during the SMART English course.

Do you enjoy living in Singapore? What do you like about it?

Yes, I enjoyed living in Singapore because everyone is so friendly. People are polite and apologise when they make mistakes. It is also cheaper to live in Singapore than in the U.S. or U.K. Singapore is also closer to China and I have relatives living here.

Do you like studying at the British Council in Singapore?

Yes, I like studying here because my teachers always help me when I have problems in class. My classmates also help me out in my studies and they help to show me around Singapore.

Do you feel that your English has improved after attending the course?

Yes, my English has improved. Example, I learnt about grammar and more vocabulary words. Last time, I was afraid to speak English because I was not good at it and people might laugh at me. My teacher gave me the passion to study and now, I feel comfortable speaking in English.

Did you find it difficult learning English? How did the British Council help you overcome this difficulty?

Yes, it is difficult to learn English. For example in listening, it is difficult to understand when someone speaks too fast. Writing is also difficult because I always make mistakes in grammar. Learning English is different from learning Mandarin because in China, the teachers do not practise with you. Here, the teachers practise and teach you when you are not sure.

Would you recommend the British Council Singapore to your friends?

I will ask my friends in China to study here because British Council is one of the best schools I have ever been to. Last time, my parents do not allow me to come here to study because they think it will not help me to improve my English just like schools in China. Now, they are happy that I came here to study. I am also happy that I made a good choice to study here.


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