By Singapore Teaching Centre, British Council

17 April 2023 - 09:00

Encourage confidence and creative thinking with Lower Primary English lessons

As a young learner, your child experiences a lot of exciting – and sometimes daunting – new things in their daily life. By helping to build their confidence in communicating, and by encouraging creative thinking, you can better prepare them to take on whatever challenges they may face with greater ease. One way to do this is through improving their English language skills with our English tuition for primary course

At the British Council in Singapore we offer Lower Primary English courses, for children aged seven to nine years, that are aligned with the syllabus set by the Ministry of Education. Our highly qualified, passionate teachers provide a safe and nurturing environment in which your child can build their confidence, while also working towards helping them succeed in school and nurturing a love for learning. 

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In our Lower Primary English course, your child will focus on literature, helping them to grow as a passionate reader. They will also build their written and communication skills through targeted individual and group practices, while learning new concepts, new ways to express themselves, and ways in which to apply their creativity to solve problems in and out of the classroom. 

It's important not to underestimate the value of building your child's confidence in communicating. As a confident and competent communicator, your child will be able to more successfully interact with the world around them, helping them to become more successful at school as well as in their everyday life. Increasing the level of their English language skill from a young age will set them up for future success, too – strong English skills can help to enhance further education and career prospects later in life. 

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Alongside developing their English language capabilities, it's equally as important to foster a love of learning and the ability for creative thinking. Children who love to learn are more keen and eager to engage in lessons, which naturally will help them to thrive in a classroom environment. Creative thinking is important as it encourages your child to think beyond what's immediately in front of them – it promotes imagination, prompts them to think of new solutions to problems, and can help build their confidence across many aspects of their daily life as well as in their education. 

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The Lower Primary English course at the British Council in Singapore is designed to develop the above skills, while working to improve literacy and writing. Our teachers will help your child to become confident enough to speak out in communicative classrooms, and to learn to take pride in their work. For Primary 2-3 students (aged eight to nine years), our course will encourage students to become curious about the world they live in, with teachers prompting plenty of questions about what the students learnt in class. 

We aim to encourage students to become keen readers and thinkers with lessons based on children's literature. Your child will become a more confident communicator by learning to refine their ideas and articulate them fluently, both verbally and in writing. The Lower Primary English course also teaches students to become team players and reflective learners, who understand that errors aren't failures, but rather the road to improvement and a vital stepping stone to academic success. 

As a student on one of our Lower Primary English courses, your child will learn these skills, traits and behaviours in a nurturing environment designed to help them thrive not only now, but well into their future life. 

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