By Singapore Teaching Centre, British Council

03 July 2023 - 09:00

Four ways English group tuition can build confidence and fluency

In today’s globalised world, proficiency in English is essential for unlocking numerous opportunities. Whether it’s acing a school exam, or communicating effectively in a workplace, the role of English cannot be underestimated. The British Council in Singapore embraces language learning in a small group setting for its role in building confidence and developing fluency.

1. Individual attention with personalised feedback and guidance to develop fluency

When learners are part of a small group, instructors can dedicate more time to each student. This allows for personalised feedback and individual guidance which is key to developing fluency in English. Learners can focus on improving their accent, pronunciation, and grammar. Such dedicated attention helps in understanding the nuances of the language and in-turn boosting the confidence of learners.

2. Contextualised learning with targeted practise and improvement for specific challenges

Lessons can be customised according to the individual’s purpose for learning English in small group settings. For instance, a student seeking primary school English tuition will have different needs compared to an adult preparing for a business trip. Contextualised learning focuses on the relevant vocabulary and scenarios, which can act as a confidence booster as the learner will be better prepared for real-life situations.

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3. Dynamic group interaction in a collaborative learning environment with peer support

Small group tuition offers the ideal blend of individual attention and the benefits of learning in a group. We encourage learners to interact, share ideas, and learn from each other. These interactions aid in better understanding, retention and application of the knowledge gained, and also fosters confidence through peer support.

4. Correcting errors and providing strategies for improvement with more speaking opportunities and fluency exercises

A small group environment makes it easier for instructors to spot errors and correct them. Moreover, learners are given ample speaking opportunities through activities such as discussions and role-playing, which directly impact their fluency. Teachers provide strategies to improve communication skills and guide learners in overcoming the barriers they might face in speaking English.

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Bespoke private English lessons tailor-made to your needs

The British Council in Singapore offers bespoke private English lessons for adults and children that are tailor-made to suit the needs of each learner. Experienced teachers ensure that the 1:1/Small group private lessons are structured to address the specific challenges and goals of each student. These lessons are designed to bring out the best in every learner, whether the goal is to ace an exam, improve conversational skills, or master business English.

Unlock your potential with one-to-one and small group English tuition at the British Council in Singapore. Adults looking to sharpen their language skills for the corporate world and young learners seeking primary school English tuition can achieve linguistic excellence in an enriching and collaborative learning environment. 

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Learn more on English tuition in 1:1/Small group private lessons for kids and teens