By Singapore Teaching Centre, British Council

08 April 2015 - 12:33

Trying to focus on homework and revision can be a daunting task especially when there are so many distractions in today's environment. Our Head of Schools, Duncan Rose, has a couple of tips on how parents can help minimise the impact of these gadgets on their children.


Develop a habit of 'non-electronic device' days or at least periods of time where devices are prohibited. It's not an extreme policy but one which can encourage all members of the family to focus on each other rather than rely on external gadgets or technology


Adopting a more pro-active approach to focussing on family communication encourages children to break the dependence on Facebook, Twitter and other social media, by encouraging real world interaction and developing an appreciation of relationships. Eventually, this will cultivate an environment in which electronic devices no longer offer so clear a distraction. 

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