By Singapore Teaching Centre, British Council

13 May 2015 - 12:18

General English student Shiori Ambe

British Council

Shiori Ambe [安部 詩織] studied with British Council Singapore for eight months, starting out in the Elementary 2 course. Over the months, she did well enough to move up to the Academic 1 level, and is now working in Singapore. Her younger brother, Kosuke, is now also studying with us.

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What do you think British Council’s special and unique points are, as compared to other schools?

Every teacher at British Council comes from British or English-speaking countries. It is amazing, because in other schools English is taught by local people. This way, I could learn proper pronunciation and grammar. It is not the same if a local Singaporean teaches it. And the way English is learnt is different from learning Japanese, as I spent a lot of my time speaking to improve my conversation skills. What's more, there are a lot of students here who come from around the world, also wanting to learn English at British Council Singapore.


Do you think your English is improving? And could you explain why you think so?

Yes, I do. In particular, my Listening and Speaking skills have improved. When I went to the British Council for the first time, I did not understand what the teacher was saying, or what the teacher wanted me to do in class. However, in the end, I can talk and even joke with my friends in English. What's more, I also learnt to understand Singaporeans’ pronunciation, Europeans’ pronunciation and many countries’ pronunciation of English during my time at British Council.


What is your purpose in taking up an English course?

This is because I have always wanted to get a job in Singapore or another foreign country, and be able to use a lot of English at work. I always think about it. Of course I know it is not very fun, and it is very tough. However I want to be part of this globalised world. I am working in a Japanese company now, but I also want to work in foreign companies in the future. 


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