By Grace Scott, Primary Teacher, British Council in Singapore

23 April 2020 - 14:57

Two youths using LearnEnglish websites

With many students around the world studying from home right now, you can help your child gain confidence and feel more motivated by giving them lots of opportunities to learn English or practice English at home. We’ve compiled a list of useful resources you can use to help your child continue to learn and develop their English skills.

Our LearnEnglish Kids website has lots of online games, songs, stories, interactive videos and activities for children who want to learn English and have fun at home:

  • Game on! Children learn naturally when they are having fun. Games are a great way to engage children and maintain motivation for learning. Play word games such as I spy, hangman or make your own word searches and crossword puzzles with your children to help them practise English at home. Flashcards games such as Memory or snap are a great way to teach and revise vocabulary. You can find free downloadable flashcards on a wide range of topics and a variety of online games on our LearnEnglish Kids website.
  • Ready, set, read! The animated stories on LearnEnglish Kids are an excellent way for children to develop listening, reading and vocabulary skills. Choose from a selection of great short stories on a variety of topics to spark interest and curiosity in children. Encourage your child to read or listen to stories; older children can complete the follow up downloadable activities to check understanding and develop comprehension and writing skills.
  • Grammar Rules! Recommend grammar revision on LearnEnglish Kids. Your child can watch the grammar videos to learn grammar rules and play games to help develop thier understanding. You can also print activities, challenges and reference cards to help your child learn and remember.
  • For more ideas, please visit our learning support page and see our top tips to get started at home.

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For older kids, our LearnEnglish Teens website has a collection of videos, audio and reading texts to help improve English skills and support learning English at home:

  • Watch this space. Video zone has a great number of videos on a wide range of topics from The Cure for Boredom to A Short History of Writing. Encourage your child to choose a video, use the transcript to help facilitate understanding and complete the exercises to check comprehension and learn new vocabulary!
  • Practise with podcasts. Your teens can practise their listening skills with our audio series, The Survivor. Follow the adventure series over six episodes and choose the level best suited to your child.
  • Pageturners. Inspire self-directed learning with Self-Study Reading lessons. There are different text types with interactive exercises and worksheets to improve understanding and expand vocabulary. Choose the level, choose a lesson and get started! Encourage your child to visit the LearnEnglish Teens magazine and read blog posts written by young people about books and literature, entertainment, science, sport and more. Though children may prefer to read for themselves, parents can be supportive by showing an interest in their children’s reading by asking questions and encouraging opinions.
  • For more ideas, please visit our learning support page.

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