By Singapore Teaching Centre, British Council

07 September 2016 - 16:10

A fluent English speaker should have an extensive knowledge of the English vocabulary. You can skip grammar but you can’t skip the building blocks of language: words. But let’s be realistic: you can’t memorise the English dictionary in a day! 

We have come up with tips to master the English language that will only take you about thirty minutes or less to do:

Never learn a new word in isolation

The best way to build a vocabulary is to use the words you have learned in its proper context. When you’re building your English vocabulary, learn the prepositions that go with these expressions. 

For example: the word ‘get away with’ is different from ‘get away from’. The first form means ‘to avoid something or to escape’ (I want to get away from our house) while the second form means ‘escape blame, punishment or undesirable consequences for an act that is wrong or mistaken’ (He thinks he can get away with cheating).

Write three or four of your examples

Use it or lose it. Writing it down is not enough. It takes practise for a learner to get used to the word, so make sure you put your new vocabulary to good use.

If you’re enrolled in an English course, try to check with your teacher the sentences that you’ve written. Ask them for additional resources that you can use to further your English studies.  

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