By Singapore Teaching Centre, British Council

19 October 2015 - 13:40

Adult learners in Napier Road Centre classroom

British Council

275 Part-time adult learners responded to the end-of-course survey! Here are some of your comments about your courses:

'The course is well-structured and effective.'

'The course content is useful for my job in many ways.  I can use example words and sentences from the book to improve my business communication.'

'The course is very interesting and useful.  I like it very much.'

'I can learn a lot about pronunciation from here.  After this course, I feel more confident to communicate with the local people and foreigners.'

'The course is really useful to me.  After attending this course, I feel more confidence to express my ideas clearly, accurately, maturely.'

'It’s a different experience for me.  And it’s very exciting and fruitful.  Everyone takes part in the learning process.  The teacher sparked my interest.'

… and some comments about your teachers:

'The teacher made the class exciting and interesting.  She definitely captured my attention and had a good balance of all activities.'

'She is knowledgeable, cheerful, helpful, well-planned before commencing the session.'

'He’s very friendly and very patient, he teaches a lot of interesting things in the class.  He is a dedicated teacher.'

'Wonderful people who have helped me with my grammar.'

'very knowledgeable and they always explain things very clearly.'

'They are patient and helpful. I love their way of teaching.'

A big thank-you to everybody who took part in the survey. We will continue to work hard to give you the best!  

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Claire Firat in a class at Napier Road Centre

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