By Singapore Teaching Centre, British Council

01 January 2024 - 09:00

After the fun of the holidays comes the first day of term. Some children will be excited to rejoin their peers in the classroom, while others might need a little help readjusting to the school routine. Either way, here are some tips you can try to prepare your Lower Primary child for the new school year ahead.

Gradually adapt their routine

If the usual routine has been put on pause for the holiday period, now’s the time to start moving towards a more structured schedule. Dial back late nights and leisurely starts to ease children back into the demands of the school day. Consider planning meals and any reading or television sessions around school timings.

Nurture your child’s love of reading

Set aside some quiet time for reading each day to build consistent learning practice into their routine. If they are reluctant readers, let them choose books or comics that reflect their interests, and ask them questions as you turn the pages. Keep sessions short and sweet to foster enjoyment.

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Encourage independent learning

Enable your child to take an active role in their learning. Whether by setting small goals and rewarding improvements, or by resisting the temptation to step in too soon when they are grappling with new skills, you can start to develop their independence so that they are ready for future challenges.

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Get to know your child’s curriculum

Familiarise yourself with what your child is expected to learn this term, and think about any areas where they may benefit from additional support. You may wish to begin exploring new topics at home so they have some prior knowledge when they start school.

Build their social skills

Especially if you’ve been travelling or relaxing as a family at home, arranging playdates will help your child reconnect with their school friends. For those making the transition to Primary 1, this is a good time to develop their social and emotional skills so that they feel happy and confident participating in group activities.

Have fun getting organised

One sure way to generate some excitement is by organising their school bag. Allow your child to pick out some of their own school supplies and set out what they will be wearing on their first day back.

Consider an English enrichment class for primary

If you are nervous about the transition to the next learning stage or you feel your child lacks confidence in certain areas, now might be the time to think about extra tuition. English enrichment classes will focus on communication skills as well as helping with a range of subjects taught in English. Aside from complementing their academic education, they can teach many valuable life skills, from creativity to teamwork.

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Our Lower Primary courses are designed to support academic success while nurturing a love of learning. Classes are led by highly qualified and passionate teachers who are committed to providing a safe and engaging learning environment for all children. 

Aligned to the syllabus set by the Ministry of Education, each course is developed to build your child’s creative thinking and confidence. Students will focus on literature, helping them to grow as eager and imaginative readers and improve their communication skills through targeted individual and group practices.

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