By Singapore Teaching Centre, British Council

05 October 2021 - 12:00

YL student and teacher

You want your child to not only develop their comprehension skills, but also grow as a passionate reader.

Reading is foundational for a child’s communication skills. It helps to build language and inspire new curiosity about the world around them. It can also be a great delight for both children and parents to engage in together. In this article, we will take a look at some of the ways you can nurture your child’s reading comprehension at home, including six book recommendations to add to your list.

Strategies to boost your child’s reading comprehension

Because every child is unique, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to reading development. Children will respond to reading methods in different ways and make progress at different rates. 

As a first step, one of the best ways to help your child connect with the words on the page is with phonics instruction. You can guide them in pairing letters with the corresponding sounds, allowing your child the chance to make their own attempts at pronunciation. Segmenting (splitting up the separate sounds) and blending (joining them together to form the whole word) can be useful tools.

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As your child learns, encourage them to ask questions. By giving them the space to feel their way around the text and express curiosity, you will help them to get creative and think independently. In turn, ask them open-ended questions, like 'what do you think will happen in the story?' Enjoy watching them use their imagination while they gain practice in organising and vocalising their thoughts.

Of course, one easy strategy for improving your child’s reading comprehension is to allow them to choose stories that will captivate them. Encourage them to pick books that match their interests and carve out time each day to lose yourself in them together. 

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Six of our favourite children’s books

Need some ideas? Here are some top recommendations from our teaching staff, organised from Primary 1 to Primary 3.

Primary 1

If You Ever Want to Bring an Alligator to School, Don't! by Elise Parsley is a simple story about a show-and-tell that’s excellent fun for young children to interact with.

Letters to Pluto by Lou Treleaven, Jon’s teacher has started an interplanetary penpal programme. A wonderfully creative book that features some unusual words to play around with.

Primary 2

Geronimo Stilton series by Elisabetta Dami. This hugely popular series takes children on worldwide adventures with consistent characters and plenty of wordplay.

The Legend of Spud Murphy by Eoin Colfer is a lively and humorous book about two boys condemned to step foot inside their local library. Filled with everyday scenarios, it’s a great option for reluctant and keen young readers alike.

Primary 3

Rainbow Magic by Shirley Barber is a classic fairytale filled with beautiful illustrations and creative devices that will ignite the imagination.

Kid Normal series by Greg James is a fun story that tells us we don’t need superpowers to be a superhero. A thought-provoking sentiment for children to explore between laughs.

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