By Faculty of Science, University of Bath, United Kingdom

06 October 2017 - 14:47


British Council

What do you most enjoy doing? Playing computer games, visiting friends, shopping, watching TV or seeing a movie?

Whatever it is, it involves a computer.  We live in a digital age and computers play a central role in almost everything we do, whether we notice it or not. Computer technology is expanding rapidly, and being part of this on-going development is an exciting opportunity for everyone leaving school today. 

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Computer Science: shaping tomorrow’s world

Computer Science is very popular at Universities around the globe, full of students involved in shaping tomorrow’s world.
At its centre is problem solving – answering complex and challenging questions. If you have the ability to see the world differently, computer science is for you. It combines mathematical elegance and engineering practicality with creativity and fun.  It allows you to experiment and create something new in almost every field imaginable.

Computer scientists work in all types of industry anywhere in the world.  Their expert skills are needed to design, develop and apply solutions in financial and commercial businesses, engineering, education, administration, healthcare, entertainment and research.  

Whether an Artificial Intelligence developer for the car industry, a software engineer in a tech company or a data scientist in cyber defence, your role is essential.  It drives innovation and keeps moving, never standing still.

Current trends in computer science

Artificial intelligence and robotics

The cutting edge of current trends is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics.  AI aims to develop smarter machines using natural intelligence as a model; in other words, building machines capable of intelligent behaviour.

Machine learning

As the name suggests, machine learning is about giving computers the ability to learn without being specifically programmed.  Ultimately the goal is to have machines thinking like humans. The application in areas such as medical research and product development is mind-boggling to a mere human.  It’s the fastest-growing area of computing, so watch this space.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Not far behind, IoT and smart technology sees the increased use of connected and networked devices, able to transfer data without human involvement. We see these in our homes, cars, cities and even on ourselves – through smart watches and fitness wearables.

Data Science

Data Science, sometimes referred to as big data analytics, is also big, helping businesses make better, smarter use of data to improve products and services. It allows us to uncover insights, patterns and correlations with high efficiency, setting it apart from its predecessors.  With immediacy being uppermost in a consumer’s mind these days, faster and better decision-making is critical for business growth.

Choosing a career in computer science

Jobs in computer science are readily available and can be extremely fulfilling in terms of making a difference.  Working in areas of development and innovation, increasing competitiveness, computer scientists are in high demand and their skills well rewarded.  Being computer-savvy is an essential 21st century life skill; being a computer science expert is an exciting and rewarding career path.

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