By Singapore Teaching Centre, British Council

15 September 2021 - 16:11

Have you ever wondered how private tuition could benefit you?

Our premium One-to-one or Small group private English lessons are tailor-made and highly flexible, so every course is unique. Whatever your personal or professional language goals, private lessons allow you to improve your English at your own pace, in the way that works best for you. British Council student and parent Molly Liu, whose son is one of our young learners, kindly shared her bespoke experience with us. 

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Why did you choose the British Council for our One-to-one or Small group private lessons?

My husband encouraged me to take an English tuition class at the British Council because it is a renowned institution. 

What course topics are your One-to-one or Small group private lessons on?

Actually, there are no specific course topics for my lessons. We mostly talk about topics that I am interested in, including international issues or weekly local or global news. This allows me to learn English at a deeper and wider level compared with simply reading English textbooks. 

Do you like learning with the British Council?

Very much so. My son and I learn English in different classrooms. As a mother, I often feel that we have to sacrifice some of our own learning time for our children’s. I am truly grateful to be able to learn English with my son at the British Council.

What is important for you?

I view myself as a humorous person and enjoy making friends. I hope that I can engage in in-depth exchanges and communicate with people around the world, and that I will have a great command of English similar to that of Mandarin.

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Do you feel the pace of learning is appropriate for you?

I feel that the British Council is very flexible in terms of how they teach. They will always offer me the help that I need.

What have you achieved since you enrolled with the British Council?

I converse with different teachers and express my thoughts on various matters in a relaxing manner. As well as practising my conversation skills, I also get to learn about my teacher’s thoughts. Being able to interact with the teachers is very important to me.

Do you feel confident about achieving your future goals?

I believe that my language skills will improve tremendously during my time with the British Council.

What do you think makes the British Council unique?

Singapore is a fascinating country, attracting people from all around the world. For people whose mother tongue is not English, they will make great progress at the British Council because of the teachers’ professional qualifications and experience.

I believe that the environment you learn in is also important. The British Council boasts spacious and bright classrooms, making it an ideal location for learning. 

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