Student sitting at a laptop computer in a library looking into the distance
Monday 05 October 2020 -
15:00 to 18:00
SGT Singapore time (UTC+8)

This event will be held online.

Multiculturalism, and relatedly multilingualism, results in a myriad of substratum language influences on the varieties of English spoken in Singapore. Within these varieties lies Singapore Colloquial English or Singlish. Much has been said about Singlish, both at the societal level and in academia. This has focused largely on the socio-political issues and views surrounding the topic, as well as its linguistic features. In this webinar, we continue to look at these issues but from a slightly different lens. This will include a presentation of sociolinguistic variation and change in Singlish, and what Singlish means to the multicultural urban society of Singapore. It will also engage participants in conversations about the role of Singlish/colloquial varieties in today’s language teaching and language teaching policies landscapes. At its core, this webinar aims to offer participants the opportunity to explore, discuss, and experience the unique variety that is Singlish.

Geraldine Kwek

Assistant Professor, National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

A formally trained English language teacher, Geraldine had previously taught in a Singapore primary school before returning to linguistics research. She currently teaches on undergraduate and postgraduate courses, and supervises higher degree research projects. Her research interests lie mainly in sociophonetic variation and change in varieties of English, emergent features of English in multicultural-multilingual contexts, and trends in pronunciation teaching and learning.