[Updated 17 April 2024]

1. General Information

When and where will the examinations be taking place?

The examinations will take place between 29 April 2024 and 13 June 2024.

There are three Examination Test Venues:

1. Lifelong Learning Institute - Learning Hub in Singapore
(11 Eunos Rd 8, Singapore 408601)

2. RNN Conference Centre
(137 Cecil St, #04-01 Cecil Building, Singapore 069537)

3. Avantus Training
(80 Jurong East Street 21, #04-04 Devan Nair Institute, Singapore 609607)

Please note that candidates will not be allowed to choose their test venue. The British Council will assign them to a venue for each paper and if a candidate is sitting multiple papers, they may be assigned to different venues for each one.

Candidates must ensure that they report to the correct test venue for their examination, and arrive one hour before the examination time for registration and entry into the examination.  

Examination Table and Schedule

Please refer to this table for examination timetable information – UOL Examination Table

There will be two (2) examination sessions:

1) AM Session and

2) PM Session

Candidates should refer to the examination timetable for this information.

The British Council will contact candidates via email to provide examination information including timetables and instructions.

As the information in this timetable is outdated, all test takers/candidates are reminded to refer to the onboarding email sent to you directly for your examination timetable/details.

For test takers/candidates whose exams were rescheduled, please refer to the latest onboarding email sent to you for your examination details.

Examination Format - BYOD Examination 

This is a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device – BYOD) examination. Candidates are required to bring their own device for the examination.

Please note that smart devices such as iPads and tablets are not permitted for the examination.

This is for general guidance only - please liaise directly with UOL on technical requirements for IT equipment that can be used for the test. British Council will not be liable for misunderstandings regarding devices used for testing.

Examination Reporting Time

Candidates must ensure they arrive at the correct test venue and arrive one hour before the examination paper's start time for registration and entry into the examination.

If you arrive late, i.e., less than 1 hour before the start of the exam, you may be refused entry to the exam. In this case, your fee will not be refunded, and you may need to wait until the next examination series to retake your test.

Examination Registration 

Examination registration with the British Council has closed. The British Council is no longer accepting registrations.

What do I do if I have 2 papers on the same day?

Candidates are advised to contact UOL directly as the British Council will not be able to advise on this matter. 

2. Examinations Guidelines and Policies

Examination Test Day - What to bring

Candidates are required to bring the following items to their desks in order to sit for the examination:

  • Admission notice
  • Original photographic identification (e.g. passport, national identity card, driver’s license)

Candidates may bring the items below to their desks. No other items are permitted.

  • A laptop with charger
  • A pen
  • A pencil
  • Drinking water in a clear plastic bottle
  • Any permitted reference materials

See below for exam specific items permitted for the highlighted programmes:

Undergraduate Laws - all reference books and materials including candidates’ notes and annotations ARE permitted.
EMFSS – The use of a non-graphing scientific calculator is permitted. There are no other permitted materials for these assessments. All assessments will be completed under closed-book conditions.

Candidates are not permitted to bring any other items to their desks.

Mobile devices are not allowed in the examination venue(s). 

Examination Answer Scripts (Written)

Examination answer scripts will be provided to candidates when applicable depending on the examination format.

Blank sheets of paper will be provided to candidates upon request.

All written papers will be submitted to the British Council at the end of the exam. Candidates are not required to do any scanning for these examinations. 

Access Arrangements

Candidates need to contact UOL to arrange for their special assessment requests.

Other Examination FAQs 

For other matters related to examinations, such as calculators and specific details about exam papers, please check directly with UOL.

Disclaimer: The British Council will not provide advice or respond to any miscellaneous examination inquiries from candidates.