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Sachiko Seki from Japan shares how SMART English and myClub helped her speak English more confidently while studying with British Council Singapore.

Tell us a few things about yourself (e.g. past jobs/schools/courses, passions, quirky facts about yourself, etc.)

I'm Sachiko SEKI from Japan. I've took the SMART English higher class for two weeks. I'm working in Japan. I come to Singapore for holidays.

The main purpose of my coming to Singapore is learning and improving English skill in order to be able to use it in my work.

Do you like Singapore? What are the things you like about this country? 

Yes, I do. Singapore attracts me because people with various roots and nationalities are gathering, living, working and learning together.

Why did you choose to come and study at the British Council in Singapore?

Initially, I wanted to come to this country to learn English. Then I chose the British Council because I heard that I could learn with well-trained teachers and passionate students.

Besides because, amazingly, I could register the Full-Time class despite I would take it only for two weeks.

Do you feel you made a lot of improvement? Which part of your English improved the most?

On that point, actually I don't have any clear idea. But it is a fact that I can speak more fluently and listen more clearly. I suppose that two weeks are short to improve some English skills dramatically, but those are enough to take advantage of an opportunity to start learning English seriously.

What do you find difficult about using English?  How did the British Council help you with this?

I had had a big difficulty. That was about speaking. I had hesitated to speak English because I had been afraid of grammatical mistakes. But in the class, whenever I want to know something, I have to use English. In additional, inside and outside class I and my classmates exchange some information quickly, teach each other and speak to develop good relationship in English. I noticed that I don't have any time to hesitate in this two weeks. 

You attended a lot of myClub activities.  How did these help you? Did you have a favourite?

Vocabulary is also my weekpoint. By attending myClub activities such as Literature club and Language through art, I could get sets of vocabularies on particular fields. Besides, I could get friends when I joined myClub excursion.

Do you have any advice or tips for people who are thinking of learning English or already doing so?

British Council Singapore has wonderful environment for improving your English. So please make use of the British Council at a maximum!

Would you recommend British Council Singapore to friends? Why (not)?

Of course, I recommend the British Council Singapore to my friends if they want to learn British English and various accent all over the world in a good environment with professional teachers, Learning Zone, myClub and so on.

SMART English students: Hussain, Manon and Sachiko
SMART English students: Hussain, Manon and Sachiko ©

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