By Singapore Teaching Centre, British Council

25 November 2021 - 16:00

Are you looking for a fun and engaging way for your child to learn English? Kids’ school holiday camps are a fantastic place for children to practise their communication skills while making friends and building their confidence. Here we will share what you can expect from the British Council’s Year-round and Holiday Study Camps, plus the benefits for your child’s all-round development.

What happens at the British Council’s Study Camps?

Study Camps enable children to learn about the world beyond English skills. Starting every Monday, each week is a complete, stand-alone camp with a different theme, so you can register for as many camps as you wish. Our camp teachers use a unique hands-on, experiential approach to foster a love of learning that we hope children will carry forward throughout their school years and long after.

Available for Early Years, Primary and Secondary students (aged four to 15), the programmes are suitable for all children who wish to learn English in a safe, fun and supportive environment, from beginners to advanced learners. Smaller class sizes allow for plenty of individual attention and guidance from our internationally qualified, experienced and professional teachers. Just as importantly, your child will be provided with opportunities to communicate and collaborate with their peers, developing invaluable socio-personal skills and a greater curiosity for the world around them.

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 Study Camp learning outcomes

Improved vocabulary on a range of topics

For Early Years students, course topics can include phonics and literacy, perhaps explored through the magic of fairy tales and animal stories. Our Primary students might embark on a speaking or writing skills course, testing their use of English to express themselves and persuade others, or practise producing different texts to create a Study Camp magazine. 

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Secondary students will work on the skills they need to succeed while cultivating key 21st century competencies in a dynamic and friendly environment. Course topics such as essay writing will help young learners to craft compelling, well-structured arguments, which will boost their confidence and communication off the page, too.

Confidence in communicating in a variety of situations

Study Camps can have a transformative effect on a child’s confidence thanks to the inclusive, supportive and enjoyable class style. Early Years children can discover storytelling and drama, a wonderful way to ignite their creativity, while Primary and Secondary students can delve deeper into this topic by exploring the various aspects of a play and reading aloud. Parents, get ready to give your standing ovations via Zoom!

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 World knowledge and intellectual curiosity

Our Early Years camps introduce learners to exciting topics designed to stimulate their curiosity and interest in the world around them. As a part of their reading development, crafts and games will give your little one the chance to bring their love of stories to life as they try out sets of tricky words and build their language. 

At Primary stage, courses are focused on learning all about the wider world through engaging topics with real-world application. By guiding students to construct and share informed opinions, while listening to others, they will expand their knowledge and curiosity. Secondary students will work towards grasping global topics in depth, widening their understanding of our interconnected way of life.

Critical thinking and problem solving

Critical thinking is a core 21st century proficiency that will help children to thrive academically and in the future. Focusing on communication, collaboration and creativity, Primary students will be inspired to practise their critical thinking skills to deepen their engagement with learning. 

Our ‘Survival Skills’ camp for Secondary students covers techniques to evaluate and understand fiction and non-fiction texts about people who have faced challenging situations. The thought-provoking texts will provide students with the language, ideas generation and organisational skills needed for close reading, setting students up for lifelong learning.

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Upcoming Study Camps

The British Council offers Year-round and Holiday Study Camps so there are always upcoming camps to look forward to. Our Winter 2021/2022 Study Camps (five weeks) and November/December 2021 Holiday Study Camps (four weeks) start on 22 November and run until 7 January and 17 December respectively. 

For more information on our holiday English courses, please visit our Study Camp page.

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