By Singapore Teaching Centre, British Council

09 May 2022 - 09:00

Child education plan for Singapore Kindergarten

Every parent wants to give their child the best possible start to their education. So what does that mean? What are the skills that will allow them to make the transition from kindergarten to school? Every child has unique needs, but there are some key development areas that will prepare them to learn with confidence.

Our child education plan provides a strong foundation in English, helping to build oral and written communication. Here are the key outcomes we strive for, plus some free examples of the illustrated worksheets we use as part of our learning activities. 

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Kindergarten 1

Early critical thinking

Critical thinking is an important 21st century skill that we can begin to encourage from an early age. We want children to engage deeply with their learning, have the courage to ask questions, and become creative thinkers. Our highly qualified teachers organise engaging communicative activities, exposing children to as many different experiences as possible, including art, music, performance and purposeful play. 

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Through guided activities, children will be helped to improve their writing skills and nurture a love of reading. A range of engaging tasks will focus on phonemic awareness, spelling, and recognition of a range of sights words. This phonics card worksheet introduces children to two-letter combinations in both oral and written form.

Comprehension and vocabulary awareness

Children improve comprehension and build vocabulary awareness by engaging joyfully and imaginatively with stories. We will start to encourage greater awareness of descriptive language and how to describe feelings and emotions, using themes such as magic, superpowers, colours, space and aliens. By using this worksheet to respond to the storybook Superworm by Julia Donaldson, children can practise their listening skills by sequencing characters in the order they appear.

Confidence in speaking

In our safe and supportive environment, children will engage in group activities with their new friends, developing speaking confidence through weekly discussions and ‘show and tell’ presentations. The British Council’s early years specialists have designed the Learning Time with Timmy course to capture your child’s imagination as they learn to express themselves creatively and communicate clearly.

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Kindergarten 2

Independent reader

In Kindergarten 2, children will begin an individualised reading programme, using common word patterns, sight words and phonic awareness as they work towards becoming independent readers of simple texts. Through shared reading activities and games, your child will develop language ability as well as co-operation. Here’s an example of a reading worksheet our Kindergarten 2 children have enjoyed.

Written accuracy

Children will progress from tasks focused on pencil grip and letter formation, covered in Kindergarten 1, to an awareness of spelling rules, patterns and generalisations. They will practise writing their own sentences using worksheets like this one.


Our teachers will develop reading comprehension skills through stories and story-related activities, such as this stimulating worksheet, building on their knowledge of sight and high frequency words. Children will be given the opportunity to speak individually, in pairs, in small groups and whole class tasks. We will equip your child with the simple strategies needed to progress in their reading.


In preparation for Primary 1, children will expand their writing skills from sentences to short paragraphs. Your child will work on formulating sentences and combining them using writing worksheets like this one. They will also practise completing cloze passages and improve punctuation awareness as their writing develops.

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Kindergarten at the British Council

We believe that happy children learn best. Our early years specialists have designed an English enrichment curriculum that focuses on the whole child, encouraging them to grow in confidence and learn through play and exploration. Kindergarten courses are aligned to the syllabus set by the MOE and place an emphasis on literacy, as well as the 21st century skills required to thrive in the fast-changing world. By the end of Kindergarten 2, children will be fully prepared to begin their primary school education.

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