By Sassy Mama Singapore

09 October 2014 - 12:22

Sassy Scoop: British Council English courses for your clever little genius to master PSLE, O and A-levels English success

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We’ve all been there. Our clever little genius comes home from school mixing homophones and mangling grammar, just because Johnny-from-the-playground said it was so. In a perfect world, we parents may think we’re master wordsmiths of the Queen’s English, but the reality is that in our time-strapped week, we’d rather spend our family time building castles and slaying dragons than to constantly correct their speech. We sought out a more effective way to help our little ones achieve English success in two words: British Council. 

British Council offers the highest standard in English, prepping our little ones to achieve PSLE, O and A-levels English eminence through its varied courses designed for all age levels. Built on the MOE’s learning outcomes, British Council’s English courses put your child on the fast track to success, aiding them in developing critical exam skills and study strategies needed to not only perform well at school, but also to earn placement at top schools and universities. 

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Every English course at British Council is taught by internationally qualified teachers with native English speaker proficiency, so you’re guaranteed strong coaching in a discipline inherent to the teacher. 

Enrichment classes at the Pre-school level nurture children’s interest in English through the Jolly Phonics system, encouraging children to sound out words when reading, to apply punctuation rules, and form written sentences on their own so they are well-prepared for primary school. 

At the Primary school level, children collaborate in a communicative environment to improve their English speaking and writing skills. At this important stage in their education, students at the British Council develop the critical thinking and language skills needed in preparation for the PSLE exams. 

Challenging courses for the Secondary level learner further develop the student’s English composition, comprehension, listening and speaking prowess, helping them to achieve the confidence to earn high marks within the new English O-level exams format. 

With four locations throughout Singapore, there’s a British Council near you to help get your child on track to English victory!

Learn more on our English courses and camps for kids and teens

If you’re looking for a kindergarten or nursery school, the British Council Pre-school is available in Tampines?”

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