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Develop your child with the right skills for academic excellence and future success

Our Upper Primary courses are designed to promote academic excellence through the rigorous development of spoken and written skills, combined with detailed comprehension of varied and rich texts. Students collect and refine strategies for tackling exam questions with confidence. Whilst our highly qualified and passionate teachers build your child’s confidence through collaborative activities, critical thinking tasks and student reflection, which leads to improved classroom performance as well as life-long success.

Your child's English language progress

We help your child succeed at every stage of their academic journey whilst developing the essential 21st century skills and proficiencies to be able to thrive in the fast-changing world. Our enrichment courses are aligned to the syllabus set by the Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE). Learn more

Primary 4 and 5 (10 to 11 years old)

Your child will become:

  • a confident communicator – we encourage learners to express their ideas, listen to other views, be precise in their selection of vocabulary and to refine their written and oral answers
  • knowledgeable about the world they live in – our courses contain relevant and engaging texts that help develop deeper knowledge of relevant international and Singaporean themes
  • a critical thinker – our teachers encourage our students to think deeply and critically about what they read and listen to
  • a reflective learner – we create an environment where students embrace the struggle of learning and see the value in responding to a challenge.  Our students are always looking to improve their compositions through redrafting and utilising a broader range of vocabulary
  • an academic achiever – we provide regular PSLE-style exam practice to improve confidence and achieve academic success.

PSLE Preparation (12 years old)

This course is designed for students preparing for their PSLE. It provides intensive examination practice, targeting crucial problem areas for Singaporean students.

All exam tasks are deconstructed to provide students with greater depth of understanding of the challenges. Strategies are offered to students before they embark on rigorous exam preparation targeting PSLE composition topics and PSLE english composition. 

Your child will: 

  • sharpen his/her PSLE compositions through frequent practice and individual feedback
  • perform better in comprehension assessments with challenging exam style texts
  • boost their exam strategies for PSLE and beyond with proven exam techniques
  • make personal improvements through regular testing and feedback.

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