By Singapore Teaching Centre, British Council

19 June 2023 - 09:00

Five ways to improve your English skills for business

In today's globalised world, effective communication is key. For business professionals, proficiency in English – the international language of commerce – can open many opportunities. Business English training empowers learners to see real results with written and spoken coursework that can be applied in the professional working world. 

Here are five ways to enhance your English language skills and communicate confidently in a business context.

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1. Speak with others

Practising spoken English is an effective way to improve language fluency. Use newly learned words and phrases in conversations with colleagues and peers. This not only helps in building confidence but also helps develop the ability to network professionally.

2. Read different materials

Reading is an excellent way to enhance your vocabulary. Diversify your reading material to include business articles, reports, and books. This will expose you to a range of vocabulary and styles, improving both your reading and writing skills.

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3. Write it down

Writing is a powerful tool for language learning. Practise writing emails, reports, or even short articles. This will improve your spelling and grammar, and help you express your thoughts clearly and professionally.

4. Listen actively 

Listening to English is a highly effective way to improve your comprehension and pronunciation. There are many sources of audio and video material which you can tune into online across a wide range of topics. If you’d like to listen to business-related discussion, you can subscribe to podcasts and listen to news broadcasts with dialogue and speeches by analysts and industry leaders.

5. Present clearly 

Finding creative ways to present your thoughts in English will improve your speaking skills and make thinking in English feel more natural. This is a great exercise to try in both casual and business settings, from mock presentations for your family and friends to sharing ideas in internal team meetings. 

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The British Council in Singapore offers Business English courses, designed to equip professionals with the necessary English training to communicate effectively in the world of business. These courses focus on language skills, professional etiquette, and cultural sensitivity in a business context.

Your peers will be like-minded professionals who are learning in a collaborative environment. This allows for the added advantage of in-class networking. The courses cover an array of skills, including business and email writing, grammar, interpersonal, presentation, and pronunciation skills.

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