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18 April 2022 - 11:00

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Holiday Study Camps to explore the world beyond English

If you’re not planning a family vacation during the holidays, you might be wondering how to make the most of the school break. We all know that the novelty of school-free days can soon turn to fidgeting and boredom, so what’s the solution? How can you keep your children stimulated and active without the structure of the school day?

One easy way to organise all of this free time is by signing up for Holiday Study Camps. Not only does it remove the enormous task of planning different activities each day, but it provides your child with the opportunity to make friends, have fun and develop skills for life.

The British Council’s Holiday Study Camps use English as a way to explore the world around us, with exciting weekly themes to ignite a love of learning. The positive outcomes go beyond English language and communication. Let’s take a look at the ways in which your child could benefit from coming along.

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The benefits of our Holiday Study Camps 

Holiday Study Camps offer an opportunity for your child to improve their English in a safe and supportive environment. Children will build their vocabulary on a range of different topics, developing the communication skills that are integral to all areas of education. Through language and literacy, your child will explore beyond their familiar world, encouraging 21st century competencies such as global awareness and intellectual curiosity.

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Our dynamic and fun camps are the ideal place for young learners to find their voice. Through group activities and plenty of individual attention, we see children grow in confidence and navigate social interactions with other children and adults with greater ease. For children of all ages, this can have a tremendous effect on their willingness to express their ideas at school, and thus their engagement with subjects across the curriculum. 

Instead of asking students to memorise information, our aim is to nurture inventive and critical thinking by making learning interactive. At Holiday Study Camps, children have the freedom to experiment, ask questions and make mistakes, helping them to rise to new challenges and meet their potential. We believe that by becoming self-directed learners, children will see education as a rewarding and lifelong journey. 

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What types of activities do children participate in?

Early Years

Our youngest learners will improve their literacy skills through phonics, stories, interactive activities and crafts. Each week has a different topic for learners to investigate through our unique British Council materials, designed especially for pre-schoolers. 

Example week: Family

This week, our Early Years students will explore their most familiar topic as they practise describing their family, their daily routines, and widen their awareness of the community they live in. With interactive activities including show and tell, drawing a family tree, phonics and sight words, your child will learn to work together with their new friends and speak confidently in front of the class.


This holistic programme focuses on the academic skills needed for success at school, while building confidence in collaboration, public speaking, writing for different audiences and outcomes, critical thinking and sharing informed opinions. 

Example week: Great World: Writing Success

This week will invite learners to explore the people, places and discoveries that make our world great. Working together with their peers, students will develop the fiction and non-fiction writing skills for reports, speech-writing and narratives, showing how we can use our words to persuade, propose, and present.

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Our Holiday Study Camps will help Secondary students to master the skills they need to achieve their goals in school and beyond, while widening their understanding of our interconnected world. Activities will prepare learners to persuade, negotiate, express themselves and apply creativity in a supportive and vibrant environment. 

Example week: Survival Skills: A Comprehension and Critical Thinking Course

Students will read about people who have faced challenging situations. Through this material, they will learn techniques to evaluate and understand fiction and non-fiction texts. We will explore the deep reading, ideas generation and organisational skills needed to support a short, well-formulated response.

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