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08 August 2022 - 09:00

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How a creative writing kids camp can benefit your child

Creative writing skills will become essential for your child as they approach Upper Primary and begin preparing for their PSLE English exam. But the advantages are far more wide-ranging than you may think. In this blog post, we’ll explore how our upcoming creative writing kids camp can improve performance at school, and more.

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How creative writing supports development in P1 and P2

Ignites imagination and creative thinking

One of the more obvious yet often overlooked benefits of creative writing is that it builds creativity. Storytelling helps to unlock the imagination, broadening a child’s thought process and encouraging them to think outside the box. Creative thinking is an incredible mental exercise, engaging the whole brain to boost all-round cognitive development. Through tasks like composition writing, your child will develop their ability to problem-solve and analyse – skills that will set them apart in future.

Promotes self-expression and increased confidence

The practice of expressing thoughts and ideas in writing helps children to understand the world around them, and build a stronger sense of self. Creative writing is beneficial to a child’s emotional development, encouraging confident self-expression as well as other important qualities like empathy, listening and tolerance. By taking part in group activities, children become more at ease speaking in front of others, collaborating, and sharing informed opinions.

Improves communication skills

Creative writing is a deeply engaging way for children to develop their communication skills across writing, reading, comprehension and speaking. Your child will learn the structure, organisation and language of storytelling, using hands-on and interactive activities to explore all aspects of English. At the beginning of the week, camp students will learn how to formulate a story plan, which will help them to approach other writing tasks with preparation and consideration.

Fosters a love of reading and writing

We know that children learn best when they are enjoying themselves. Creative writing is a fantastic way to instil a love of English through engaging, fun and interactive activities. By nurturing confidence and encouraging full participation in classes, children start to become self-directed learners who take pride in their work – an attitude that can transform their performance in all school subjects.

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About September Holiday Study Camp

The British Council’s Holiday Study Camps are an opportunity for children to uncover more about our world through exciting topics, hands-on activities and interactive learning. From public speaking to critical thinking and writing for different audiences, our holistic programme covers a range of essential 21st century skills to help your child thrive at school and in the future. 

Aimed at students in Primary 1 and 2, our upcoming September Holiday Study Camp will focus on creative writing skills to boost your child’s confidence not only in English, but in subjects across the school curriculum. 

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