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31 October 2022 - 09:00

LE Young Learners - Upper Primary - Boy and teacher

How our English writing class for primary can help prepare your child for secondary school

A child’s first year at secondary school is a hugely formative time. As they make the transition from their familiar primary school environment to a wholly new world, they will be faced with many changes: new friends, new syllabus, new teachers, and new surroundings, to name only some. Excitement will likely be mingled with nerves, and it’s normal for children to encounter a few challenges as they settle in. They are adjusting to being the youngest in a school full of teens, and to a vastly increased workload, with greater emphasis on self-study.

English enrichment can have significant benefits for Upper Primary children as they approach graduation, giving them an academic advantage while boosting self-esteem. Here are four of the areas that tuition can support.

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Academic performance

Secondary school timetables look very different to the typical primary school routine. There will be more subjects each day, more homework, and more projects to complete – all of which can take a mental and physical toll in the early days. In addition, secondary school introduces a wide array of complex topics that might be completely new. Can you imagine how much information there is to process? It would be a dizzying experience for any of us.

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English tuition can help your child make a positive start in a range of subjects besides English Language, such as Literature, History and Geography. By maximising their final year at primary and leaving no stone unturned in their learning journey, they will be in the best position to cope with tasks that stretch their abilities – in writing, comprehension, critical thinking and beyond.


With young learners going through so many emotional and physical changes during the first years of secondary school, it’s common for both social and academic confidence to waver somewhat. 

English tuition can provide important holistic support, offering your child the extra encouragement they need to enter secondary school with confidence, while giving them the opportunity to get used to a new teacher, meet new friends, and find their voice in a friendly and welcoming learning environment. By addressing any development areas that your child might be struggling with, your child can begin secondary with greater faith in their ability to improve, even when a task is difficult.

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Confident communication is one of the most important tools a secondary student can possess. The ability to express ideas, listen to other views, and communicate articulately and with precision will help them to become active and thoughtful members of their class. The earlier a child feels able to speak up in lessons, the less likely it is that they will become disengaged. Upper Primary tuition can lay the foundation for inquisitive learning and a truly global mindset that will prepare your child for the future. 

Independent learning

To succeed academically at secondary school, students will be expected to take responsibility for their own learning. It’s therefore essential that we develop children to become self-directed learners before they are faced with daunting piles of homework and tricky subjects. 

Competencies such as self-awareness and self-management help children to become reflective in their approach to schoolwork, rising to challenges and embracing the struggle of learning. English tuition teaches students to look for ways to improve their written compositions, think deeply about what they are studying and enjoy the rewards of their efforts. 

About the British Council’s Upper Primary course

The British Council’s Upper Primary courses are designed to develop your child with the right tools for academic excellence and future success. Aligned with the syllabus set by the MOE, the primary English curriculum promotes skills such as critical thinking and exam strategy, as well as clear, confident communication and greater world knowledge. 

Our holistic approach to learning helps to nurture the key 21st century proficiencies needed to thrive in a fast-changing world. 

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