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20 November 2023 - 10:00

How we teach

Whether you're a parent guiding your child's educational journey or an adult looking to upskill, effective learning techniques are key to achieving your goals. Let’s explore how the British Council in Singapore can help with tailored strategies for both Young Learners and Adult Learners.

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Build your vocabulary

Building a robust vocabulary is a cornerstone in mastering the English language, whatever your age. A rich vocabulary not only enhances your ability to express thoughts, ideas, and emotions, but also significantly improves your understanding of complex texts, be it children’s books, academic papers, business reports, or literary works. By expanding your word bank, you gain the tools to articulate yourself more clearly and persuasively, thereby making a more impactful impression in both personal and professional settings. Experts at the British Council in Singapore can create custom lesson plans according to your goals and topic wishlists to help you achieve this. 

Immerse yourself in an English-speaking environment

Immersing yourself in an English-speaking environment is an invaluable strategy to accelerate learning English. By surrounding yourself with highly proficient or fluent speakers, you gain exposure to the authentic use of English in various contexts, from casual conversations to formal discussions. This immersion allows you to pick up the nuances, idioms, and natural rhythms of English that are often not covered in traditional language courses. Moreover, being in an English-speaking setting encourages you to think and respond in English in real-time, which is crucial for achieving fluency. Speaking with our English teachers in one-on-one classes will help you learn more efficiently. Our private sessions also provide instant feedback from the teacher to help you perfect your speech and pronunciation.

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Discover your learning style

Understanding your individual learning style is a pivotal step in making your learning journey both efficient and enjoyable. By aligning your study techniques with your learning style, you not only accelerate the learning process but also reduce the frustration often associated with learning through incompatible methods. The British Council in Singapore’s one-to-one lesson plans can be tailored to match each student’s preferred style, with study methods that make the language learning process more efficient and enjoyable. 

Learn at your own pace

Learning at your own pace offers a personalised approach that can significantly enhance your focus and time management. Unlike traditional classroom settings where the pace is often dictated by a curriculum or the needs of a diverse group of students, learning at your own speed allows you to allocate time efficiently based on your individual needs and capabilities. The British Council in Singapore offers flexible options, with lessons planned according to your timeframe and schedule. 

Find a comfortable learning environment

Selecting a comfortable learning environment is a crucial aspect of the learning process. A comfortable setting minimises distractions, thereby allowing you to focus more intently on the task at hand. The right environment can significantly enhance your ability to absorb and retain new information and make you more receptive to learning.

With the British Council in Singapore, you learn in the privacy of your home, office or in a dedicated room at our learning centres.

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1:1/Small group private lessons for adults, kids and teens at the British Council in Singapore

The British Council in Singapore offers one-to-one English tuition options for adults and young learners. There are many benefits of one-to-one English tuition. Here’s what our students and parents say about their one-to-one tuition experiences:

1:1/Small groups for kids and teens

Amanda Lee, a parent who enrolled her child at the British Council in Singapore says: 'I feel confident that I’ve sent my daughter to a learning centre where she can master English in every way. Alicia enjoys her private sessions thoroughly. The tutors are engaging and there is so much chatter in the car on the way home after lessons. Every child is unique, so lessons should be, too.'

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1:1/Small groups for adults

'My husband encouraged me to learn English at the British Council because it’s a renowned institution. I converse with various teachers and express my thoughts on various matters in a relaxing manner. I also get to learn about my teachers’ thoughts. Being able to interact with the teachers is very important to me,' says Molly Liu, one of our adult learners enrolled in our private lessons. 

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Private lessons are an efficient way to learn English with the benefit of having One-on-one attention and a tailored plan to meet your goals. With options for adults and young learners, you can achieve your specific goals in record time.

Register for Small group Private lessons for highly specialised private courses for learners of all levels and ages to develop with customised courses specific to your learning aims with a flexible structure and guaranteed results.