By Thien Ngan, High School student, British Council in Vietnam

29 August 2016 - 16:08

Student Thien Ngan at Singapore-Vietnam EduTour 2016

British Council

Hi, my name is Thien Ngan. I was one of the lucky people who won an education trip to Singapore with the British Council. I want to write this blog because the trip was so remarkable and striking. From the moment I heard the news, I didn't expect it to be as interesting it was because I travelled to Singapore five years ago. Nevertheless, it was so different from what I imagined. 

Firstly, my favourite part of the tour was when we went on a boat on the river to see the whole of Singapore at night. I won’t forget that feeling on a dark night; the luxurious buildings were right in front of my eyes, the sound of the water and peace in my soul. 

Next, I stayed at the Carlton Hotel which was so convenient and modern. Furthermore, there were various kinds of food at the morning buffet such as blueberry yogurt, stewed food, lots of cakes and coffee. This hotel also had a corner where you could see the chefs professionally making cakes. 

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Singapore-Vietnam EduTour 2016 at Singapore Art Museum

British Council

The third day was particularly special as we spent time at Universal Studios Singapore playing all the games, going on the rides and watching The Lost World Show which showed a real Hollywood film with the gun sound and real fire. 

As well as those remarkable things, we visited the British Council Singapore. I was given a bag as a gift for attending. It was so cool and I had the opportunity to talk to new foreign friends. They came from many countries such as Russia, China, Japan and Laos. All of them were friendly and asked me lots of questions about Vietnam (food, super star, music). 

Thanks to this trip, I was able to communicate with people from around the world and had some wonderful experiences this summer to encourage me to work harder in grade 12. I am sure this is the best tour I have ever been on! Thank you for reading. Hope you guys like my blog .

Thien Ngan, High School student, British Council Vietnam

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