By Singapore Teaching Centre, British Council

01 April 2015 - 12:50

GREAT British Carnival - Tina and Miya with Steve Shaw, Senior Teacher Adults, at Photo Booth
GREAT British Carnival - Tina and Miya with Steve Shaw, Senior Teacher Adults, at Photo Booth. ©

British Council

Claire Firat, Head of Adults, chatted with our students Tina from Japan and Miya from China at the GREAT British Carnival.

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What are your names?

Tina and Miya: We are Tina and Miya.

Are you both students at the British Council?

Tina and Miya: Yes, we are. 

Why did you choose to study at the British Council?

Miya: I heard that the British Council has an official cultural department and I heard that its courses are helpful for IELTS exam preparation.
Tina: I learnt from my Japanese friends that the British Council is the best place to learn English with highly qualified and professional teachers. I want to be able to pick up on the best skills. 

What do you like the most about studying here?

Tina: Besides classes, there are many free myClub student activities and events where I can practice my English and meet new friends.
Miya: The teachers here are English-speaking and they are very experienced. I also noticed that the teachers here teach differently from those in China. They taught me a lot on how to improve my English and also pin-point on my mistakes as well as to suggest on areas where I need to work on. 

What is the biggest improvement you have noticed on your English language since studying here?

Tina: Most of the Japanese are quite good in writing and listening but not so good in speaking English. It is very hard for us from Japan to express ourselves in English, but after studying at the British Council, my command of the English language has improved.
Miya: For me, my speaking, listening and writing of the English language have improved. I also now have a better understanding of the British culture.

What would you do after you complete your courses at the British Council? How will you use your English?

Tina: I want to be able to speak to Singaporeans and foreigners in English.
Miya: Me too. I want to speak to Singaporeans and foreigners fluently. I also want to take the IELTS (International English Language Testing System).

Why do you want to take the IELTS exam?

Miya: I want to continue my studies in the United Kingdom.
Tina: I want to work in Singapore. I would like to gradually be able to speak better English and understand people from other countries as I like to get to know people from different cultures. I would also like to use the English language while working in an international company. 

What is the hardest thing about learning English?

Tina: The hardest thing is the grammar, because when I learnt English in Japan, the teacher then did not really explain the difference in detail. The teacher in Japan also taught English from her point of view and I was quite confused.
Miya: The local Singaporeans do not understand my written and spoken English language. Even if I could write, but if a British or a local read what I wrote, they do not quite understand what I want to express.

What have you enjoyed at the GREAT British Carnival?

Tina: I was able to experience the British culture first-hand, as in the past I was only able to learn about the British culture through watching YouTube videos. This GREAT British Carnival is a great opportunity and experience for me.
Miya: Everything is good but I have one feedback that by 12 noon the carnival was too crowded, and we cannot find a seat. May be you can find a bigger venue next time. 

Thank you 

Thank you Tina and Miya for accepting our interview and your feedback on our English courses for adults and the GREAT British Carnival. We will look into ways to improve our English courses and future events. 

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