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21 October 2021 - 12:00

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English enrichment will help students communicate with confidence and excel in all areas. But for teens, it’s about much more than getting them through this rigorous stage in their academic journey. Through passionate, collaborative tuition at the right secondary English tuition centre, your child should be encouraged to cultivate a global mindset and the core competencies needed to thrive now and in the future.

The role of English in Singapore

English is one of four official languages in Singapore. It is the language of government and business, our lingua franca, and its role in Singaporean life is still evolving. 

Singaporeans have witnessed extraordinary change over the last half-century. In spite of our island’s small size, this ‘little red dot’ has risen fast from difficult beginnings to become a significant global trading nation with a vibrant melting pot culture. Internationalism, and bilingualism, are a fundamental part of how we build connections both with our fellow citizens and the wider world community.

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To quote Mr Lee Kuan Yew:

‘How would Singapore make a living? With barely 700 sq m of land, agriculture was out of the question. Trade and industry were our only hope. But to attract investors here to set up their manufacturing plants, our people had to speak a language they could understand. That language had to be English...It was the language of international diplomacy, the language of science and technology, and the language of international finance and commerce. Singaporeans would have increased opportunities if they had a strong mastery of English.

For political and economic reasons, English had to be our working language. This would give all races in Singapore a common language to communicate and work in.’

Today, in our globalised world (one that is dominated by the internet), confident use of English is increasingly important. As a common language, it helps to foster better understanding between people and gives Singaporeans a continued competitive advantage in education and beyond.

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How English enrichment aids academic and future success

Besides improving language and exam skills, English tuition takes children out of their usual classroom environment and encourages them to become independent learners. Students can receive the attention they require to address individual learning needs, while developing competencies that will serve them long after their O-Levels, like creativity and citizenship. By giving your child the opportunity to advance their communication skills, they will be able to approach new challenges with greater confidence and reach their full potential at school and in the future. 

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What to expect from the British Council’s Secondary Plus course

We consider Secondary Plus to be more than an English course. Developed by English experts, the course places a strong emphasis on helping students learn English for the real world by nurturing their intercultural confidence, critical thinking and deep reading skills. Stimulating current topics are linked to real-world issues so that students feel more invested and engaged in their learning journey, while gaining an edge academically.

On this course students will:

  • Participate in lively speaking classes with a highly trained teacher, who will help them to feel confident in expressing their opinions openly using complex communication.
  • Prepare for in-person lessons with interactive independent study on a user-friendly learning hub. The personal dashboard also allows you to monitor your child’s progress and view their learning aims.
  • Gain confidence in using English in a variety of scenarios, through presentations, fun debates, vlogging and interviews.
  • Learn about thought-provoking real-world topics such as online awareness, language diversity, future societies, and emotional literacy to promote a global mindset, help students excel at school and ease the transition to university.
  • Develop core life skills from collaboration to leadership, critical thinking and digital proficiency, so that young learners are equipped with the tools and resilience needed to meet the changing demands of the 21st century.

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