By Singapore Teaching Centre, British Council

09 January 2023 - 10:00

Who can benefit from a conversational English course in Singapore?

Would you like to improve your conversational English? In this blog post, we’ll explore what this form of verbal communication means and who can benefit from English conversation lessons.

What is conversational English?

You speak English to a good standard and yet, you often feel lost for words in everyday situations. That’s because the real way that native English speakers talk probably differs from the more formal English you might have learned. 

Conversational English tests your ability to hold a conversation. Casual and free-flowing, it’s more flexible on rules and structure than any examples you’ll find in a textbook. It’s also a lot of fun once you become comfortable using it.

Formal English is used more and more rarely, even in professional settings. This means there are many benefits when you improve your English conversation skills, such as being able to better participate in an English-speaking environment. 

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Let’s take a look at who English conversation lessons are for, and how they can help.

Those who want to speak with greater confidence

For many people, the main motivation for taking English conversation lessons is to feel more confident in real-world situations. If small talk and socialising in English put you on edge, taking an English conversation for beginners course will help you to build your confidence and feel more at ease with being a learner.

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Those who want to improve their listening skills

Did you know that we typically spend more time listening than speaking? Listening is an active and essential part of any conversation. Your ability to comprehend a person’s meaning is as, if not more, important than your speaking skills. Like all aspects of communication, it takes practise to become an effective listener when you are learning a new language.

Those who want to challenge themselves 

At this time of year, you may be thinking about setting yourself a new challenge. English conversation lessons are an excellent way to not only improve your language skills, but accomplish other goals, too. From meeting new people to progressing in your career, or simply rediscovering your love of learning, an English conversation for beginners course can have a wide range of benefits for your personal development.

Those who want to build connections

Conversational English is the language of everyday, used everywhere from grocery stores to social gatherings. If you’d like to build new relationships, feeling relaxed in your use of informal English will allow you to speak casually and express yourself more naturally. You might also be looking to bond with your colleagues or build stronger relationships with clients. Small talk can go a long way to making those connections, and enhance your day-to-day enjoyment of work at the same time.

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About our Speak with Confidence course

This course is for adults who want to improve their spoken English language skills for everyday use. The 75-hour course is split into 15-hour modules giving you the time and confidence to improve your oral communication and listening skills. 

By the end of the Speak with Confidence course, you’ll be able to speak English with greater accuracy and confidence. Our highly qualified and experienced teachers will help you to express your thoughts and opinions more fluently in common everyday situations, refine your conversational skills and develop your listening comprehension.

Find out more about taking our conversational English course in Singapore and learn more about improving your English speaking confidence.