Learn English from our experienced, friendly and internationally-qualified teachers. We work together with our students to help them do their best and achieve their goals.


Our team of over 100 teachers and trainers in Singapore are trained to help students achieve their goals. We support students in their learning and motivate them to do their best.


All British Council teachers have native speaker proficiency. In addition to a first degree, they all hold professional teaching qualifications including CELTA, Delta, PGCE, MA TEFL, TYLEC. They have extensive experience teaching both adults and children.   


The British Council has been helping students around the world for 80 years and we have over 100 teachers working for us. Our teachers receive ongoing training throughout the year to keep them up-to-date with the latest teaching methodologies, techniques and technologies for teaching real life English.

Portrait of Matthew Scott, Head of Pre-school

Matthew Scott

Head of Young Learners, British Council in Singapore

Matt joined the British Council 2007. His previous teaching posts were in Japan, South Korea and Vietnam before arriving in Singapore in 2015. He has taught across all young learner levels and has extensive teacher training experience.

Specialist in:

  • curriculum management
  • stakeholder engagement
  • early years enrichment.


  • Bachelor of English Literature (Honours)
  • Masters in Education
  • Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (DELTA)

Lia Testa Teismann

Head of Upper Primary and Secondary, British Council in Singapore


Lia is from Philadelphia, USA. She has taught, trained and managed teachers and learners in Singapore, France, Monaco, South Korea and the USA since 2005. Lia is a teacher trainer in CELTA and TYLEC teacher training courses and has presented to Singapore MOE teachers as well as at multiple international conferences on the topics of motivating teenagers, managing educational institutions and developing reading and writing skills in the English Language classroom.

Jim Pollard

Head of Adults and Contracts, British Council in Singapore

Jim has been working with the British Council since 2005, serving in posts across the globe at our offices. He combines a background in leading education programmes with experience as the managing director of his own company in the UK.

Specialist in:

  • entrepreneurism and leadership
  • strategic communication
  • international business.


  • Bachelor of Science (Honours)
  • Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (DELTA)
  • Diploma, Education Management
Portrait of Alex Wilson

Alex Wilson

Private Course Manager, British Council in Singapore

Alex is from the UK and has been teaching and managing for ten years. She has taught in the UK, Spain and most recently Vietnam. 

Specialist in:

  • young and adult learner teaching
  • language education
  • IELTS courses.


  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours), Geography
  • Teaching Young Learners Extension Certificate (TYLEC) Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (DELTA)

Diane Parkins

Adult Courses and Student Engagement Coordinator, British Council in Singapore

Diane has been teaching and training for nearly 30 years for a range of age groups. She has worked in nursery, primary, secondary, tertiary and higher education, as well as delivering in-house training for business. 

Specialist in:

  • young and adult learner teaching
  • student engagement
  • exam facilitation.


  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours)
  • Licentiate Diploma in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)

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