Find out why our students and parents enjoy being part of the British Council community.

'The teachers are well-trained, professional and know how to teach Asian students. They know our problems. I have made big progress in my time here.' - Frank (General English) 

'The course has helped me to overcome the fear of communicating in English.' - Hyun In (Business English)

'It was different from what I expected. At university the lecturers were tough and difficult to talk to but at the British Council they are so nice and professional. They plan their lessons so well so we never get bored.' - Anna (CELTA)

'The course has encouraged me to speak and write proper English which I could apply in my workplace.' - Jelestina (Business English Skills)

'I have fun at the British Council; we have interesting classes and I can study a lot. The teachers are friendly and we learn a lot of things, like phonics, the alphabet, and reading and writing.' James (Kinergarten 2) 

'My kids are more vocal. They have improved their reading skills and, most of all, they enjoy learning English at the British Council.' Lincoln (parent of Primary 4 and Secondary 2 students)

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