Learn English from our experienced, friendly and internationally-qualified teachers. We work together with our students to help them do their best and achieve their goals.


Our team of over 100 teachers and trainers in Singapore are trained to help students achieve their goals. We support students in their learning and motivate them to do their best.


All British Council teachers have native speaker proficiency. In addition to a first degree, they all hold professional teaching qualifications including CELTA, Delta, PGCE, MA TEFL, TYLEC. They have extensive experience teaching both adults and children.   


The British Council has been helping students around the world for 80 years and we have over 100 teachers working for us. Our teachers receive ongoing training throughout the year to keep them up-to-date with the latest teaching methodologies, techniques and technologies for teaching real life English.

Gemma Church

Head, Young Learners, British Council Singapore

MBA, DELTA, CELTA-YLX, Cert in ELT Management, BA (Hons)

Gemma is from London and has been teaching as well as managing young learner programmes for over 14 years. She was a teacher in Egypt, South Korea and India, and the Head of Young Learners in Morocco and Bahrain. Gemma has presented on topics such as Engaging Teenagers, Promoting Professional Development in Teachers and Incorporating Literature into the Primary classroom at international conferences and teacher training institutes.

Daniel O'Connor

Head, Adult Learners, British Council Singapore

Diploma in ELT Management, Trinity DipTESOL, Trinity CertTESOL, BA (Hons)

Dan is from the U.K. and has been teaching as well as managing business skills, general English and IELTS preparation courses for adult learners since 2006. After working in London and across East Asia, he joined the British Council in 2012, overseeing the adult courses in Taipei before moving to Singapore in 2017. He is passionate about supporting learners to achieve their goals and to communicate with confidence.

Portrait of Clare Robertson, Senior Teacher for English Contracts

Clare Robertson

Head, English Contracts, British Council Singapore


Clare is from the UK and has been teaching and training in Europe, South America and Asia for 13 years. She has designed and taught specialised courses for many industries, ranging from food and beverage to law and finance, and has taught many high level executives on a 1:1 basis. She has also written and delivered courses in academic English and ESP in universities and higher education institutions, both in Singapore and abroad.

Portrait of Matthew Scott, Head of Pre-school

Matthew Scott

Head, Pre-school Courses, British Council Singapore

Cert TESOL, TYLEC, DELTA, Dip Ed Management, BA (Hons) English Literature

Matthew is from the south-east of England and has over 13 years of teaching and course writing experience. Before coming to Singapore, he worked in Japan, Korea and Vietnam as a teacher and then a Branch Manager. Matthew is also a Trinity TYLEC trainer and has experience training primary and secondary school teachers in Korea and Vietnam.

Portrait of Charlie Spiller, Head of Primary

Charlie Spiller

Head, Primary Courses, British Council Singapore

MSc in Educational Leadership, DELTA, Cert TESOL, BA (Hons)

Charlie is from the UK and has been teaching and managing language school programmes for over 16 years, the last eight years have been with the British Council. He has worked in Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, Egypt, Vietnam and Singapore. He is a local DELTA tutor and TYLEC tutor.

Lia Testa Teismann

Head, Secondary Courses, British Council Singapore


Lia is from Philadelphia, USA. She has taught, trained and managed teachers and learners in Singapore, France, Monaco, South Korea and the USA since 2005. Lia is a teacher trainer in CELTA and TYLEC teacher training courses and has presented to Singapore MOE teachers as well as at multiple international conferences on the topics of motivating teenagers, managing educational institutions and developing reading and writing skills in the English Language classroom.

Portrait of Wendy Naylor, myClub Events Coordinator for Adult Learners

Wendy Naylor

Deputy Head, English Contracts, British Council Singapore

MA TESOL (Teacher Training), Dip TESOL, Cert ELT Management Skills, BA (Hons)

Wendy is from the UK and has over 10 years of teaching and course writing experience in the UK, Jordan, Libya, Spain, Ecuador, Taiwan and Singapore. She is particularly interested in teaching adults and how people learn through experiences.

Graham Down

Senior Teacher, Adult Learners, British Council Singapore

BA History (Hons), DELTA, Trinity College Cert TESOL

Graham has been involved in teaching and managing English language courses for more than 20 years. Originally from the south east of England, Graham has worked in several countries including Japan, Korea, Spain, Malaysia, China and Australia. Graham re-joined the British Council as manager of part-time adult courses midway through 2017.

Laurence James

Deputy Head, English Contracts, British Council Singapore

BA (Hons) French and German Studies, Cert TESOL, DipTESOL, Dip ELT Management, Cert IBET

Laurence has over ten years’ experience as a teacher and manager. He graduated in 2008 with a BA in French & German Studies. He joined British Council in Taiwan in 2013 as Head of Corporate Training where he was responsible for designing and delivering Business English programmes. As Deputy Head of English Contracts, he oversees Study Camps, SMART English Junior and international school collaborations.

Diane Parkins

Student Engagement Co-ordinator, Adult Learners, British Council Singapore

PGCE, Licentiate Dip TEFL,BA (Hons)

Diane is from the UK and has been teaching and training for nearly thirty years across the full range of age groups. She has worked in nursery, primary, secondary, tertiary and higher education, as well as delivering in-house training for business. Whilst she has mainly worked in the UK, she has taught in countries such as Sweden, Kenya and Romania. She has worked as an examiner and is the co-ordinator for student engagement and learning beyond the classroom.

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