2020 GREAT Britain Campaign

Thursday 28 January 2021 -
17:00 to 18:00

A British Council 'Knowledge is GREAT' lecture by British Council in partnership with the University of Southampton

Rising Tides: Sustainability across our Blue Planet
featuring Dr Ivan Haigh, Associate Professor in Coastal Oceanography, University of Southampton

Singapore Sign Language Interpretation was provided by SADeaf.

The oceans – the earth’s largest ecosystem – are so amazing! They provide us with food, they help regulate the climate, they keep us healthy, they create millions of jobs.  But how do we utilise the oceans for all the wonderful things they provide, without damaging them for future generations?

In his lecture, Dr Haigh spoke about the stresses the oceans are facing, including pollution, over-fishing, destruction of marine habitats, oil drilling and climate change. He discussed about his research area: sea-level rise and its impacts on coastal cities, deltas and small islands. Dr Haigh also provided suggestions of what we can do to help reduce the pressures our oceans are facing.

About the speaker
Dr Ivan Haigh
Associate Professor in Coastal Oceanography
University of Southampton

Dr Ivan Haigh is regarded as one of the world’s leading experts on sea-level rise and coastal management. He gained his undergraduate degree in Oceanography and his PhD from the University of Southampton, and then continued his post-doctoral research at the University of Western Australia. He and his team investigate variations in sea level from time-scales of seconds (waves), to days (tides and storm surges), through to long-term century scale rises in mean sea level, and its impact on the coast.

About the University of Southampton
The University of Southampton is renowned for its outstanding research in ocean and Earth science. The National Oceanography Centre Southampton (NOCS) hosts one of the world’s largest groups of scientists and engineers devoted to research, teaching and technology development in this sector. Find out more here.

 About the British Council ‘Knowledge is GREAT’ lecture series
The British Council 'Knowledge is GREAT' lecture series showcases UK's knowledge, creativity and innovation through leading UK specialists in areas of topical debate and discussion. 
Throughout the year, the British Council in Singapore organises and hosts a variety of lectures on diverse topics such as arts, environment, sciences and more, aimed at academics, practitioners, students and the general public. Find out more here.