Aptis helps you to ensure your staff have the appropriate English skills to deliver your objectives and contribute to the growth of your business.

You can use Aptis to:

  • recruit and promote the right talent
  • identify English language skill gaps
  • optimise your training by focusing it on the right areas.

Ensure performance in the workplace

Aptis tests the skills required to communicate in English in real-life situations. Its design helps you ensure your staff will be able to communicate effectively and confidently with your partners, international stakeholders and customers.

Raise the profile of your company

Aptis helps you leverage English language proficiency to deliver on your company's objectives and strengthen your profile with key stakeholders. Aptis is underpinned by academic research and thorough quality assurance. Highly accurate and reliable results help you minimise the reputational risks associated with poor English skills.

Optimise your recruitment and training process

Aptis can be delivered at a location, date and time of your choice. You can manage the entire process yourself or we can do this for you. With Aptis you can test only the skills most relevant to your organisation, allowing you to optimise your testing process and providing a demonstrable return for your business.

Make informed decisions

Aptis is designed to test the ability of candidates to communicate in real-life situations. It provides you with accurate results in just 48 hours for all language skills, including speaking and writing.

You will receive individual and group reports mapped to the CEFR, making it easy for you to compare results between candidates, identify individual training needs and analyse performance. This allows you to make informed decisions about recruitment, development and training.