I'm a Senior Statistical Analyst in the Pearson Tests of English Psychometrics & Measurement team, with a drive to make positive change in sustainable learning. I have a background in Natural Sciences, majoring in Mathematics and Chemistry, and have spent 4 years applying this knowledge (and learning so much more) to develop, improve and maintain high quality tests for English language learners. Choosing to combine these with my strong interest in looking after our people and our planet led to me becoming the Sustainability Advocate for the English Language Learning division at Pearson.

Our planet is ours to look after, to maintain, and to cherish. Everyone has their own responsibility to keep it safe: whether that's by recycling, buying second-hand goods from a charity shop, digitalisation, raising awareness, (the list goes on!) it all adds up.

Ourselves, our neighbours, and our future generations are important too. My altruistic nature and vision for wellbeing is a key driver in wanting to support the growth of individuals and raise awareness of mental health. This includes being a Mental Health First Aider and a desire to study this further. I have a vision of a kinder world where individuality is celebrated, personal circumstances are acknowledged, and the appropriate support is provided to allow for equal opportunities.

Let's work together to educate future generations in a sustainable way and produce products that allows our planet to thrive.