Kensaku Yoshida was Distinguished Professor and Director of the Sophia University Center for Language Education and Research until his retirement in March 2021. Since April 2021 he has assumed the position of Honorary President of the Eiken Foundation of Japan. He was former Dean of  the Faculty of Foreign Studies, former Director of the Sophia Linguistics Institute for International Communication at Sophia University. He also worked extensively on MEXT and National Center for University Entrance Examination committees to revise the national curriculum as well as the university entrance examination system, and is currently the President of the Airline Pilots' English Proficiency Assessment Committee in the Ministry of Land and Transportation. He is also Vice Chair of JACTFL (the Japan Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages). He was a former trustee of The International Research Foundation for English Language Education (TIRF) as well as a member of the Executive Committee of Asia TEFL. He is also the past President of J-Shine, and chair of the Strategic Committee to Discuss English Language Education for the Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education.

He was also the recipient of the Transportation Culture Award (Ministry of Land and Transportation) as well as the Best of JALT Award.