By Singapore Teaching Centre, British Council

27 March 2023 - 10:00

Become a confident English speaker at work and in everyday life

The ability to communicate in English with confidence and clarity is an essential skill, especially when you live and work in an international environment like Singapore. When you improve your English language skills you can create stronger connections with the people around you. This can enhance your career or further education prospects, while also enriching your social life. English language courses at the British Council in Singapore are designed to help you improve your communication confidence and abilities, so that you can go further. 

English language courses for adults at the British Council in Singapore are led by a team of highly qualified and experienced teachers, all of whom are dedicated to providing you with the support you need throughout your learning journey. This will help you to achieve the results you want, through a guided approach and personalised feedback that is specific to you and your goals. 

Additionally, class sizes are kept small at no more than 16 students, to maximise teacher-student interaction. Classes can also be delivered as one-to-one or group private lessons where you can learn at your own pace. These can be held in any of the British Council's centres in Singapore, at your workplace, or even at home. 

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There are two courses available for adults who want to improve their English language skills. These are General English, which is intended for adults who want to improve their English language skills for everyday use, and Business English, for working professionals who want to be able to use English in the workplace with greater accuracy, fluency and effectiveness. 

About Business English courses

Business English courses at the British Council cover the four main language skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. They also focus on the grammar and vocabulary-building needed to take your business communication skills to the next level. This course will help you to speak more clearly and naturally in the workplace, discuss a range of business topics with greater ease, express and justify opinions on work-related topics more fluently, participate more confidently in typical work-related activities such as meetings and negotiations, better understand and engage with authentic written business texts, and produce typical written texts, such as emails, with more accuracy and greater impact.   

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Students enrolled on Business English courses receive personalised course content linked to their professional and learning goals, in addition to individual feedback on presentations, speeches, emails and reports. You will also have access to networking events through our termly MyNetwork online session.

These courses are available all year round. For more information about Business English courses, click here

About General English courses

A General English course at the British Council focuses on improving oral communication and listening skills, as well as developing grammar and expanding vocabulary. This course will help you to speak in English with greater accuracy and confidence, understand a variety of listening and written texts, read and understand a variety of written texts, write with greater accuracy and effectiveness, and both understand and use a wider range of vocabulary in your everyday life. 

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As a student on a General English course, you will have access to MyClub, a free online programme in which you can participate in language development workshops. You will also have access to free online Ask the Teacher sessions in which you can speak to a teacher one-to-one about a topic of your choice. There will also be plenty of opportunities to make friends from around the world. 

These courses are available all year round. For more information about General English courses, click here