By Singapore Teaching Centre, British Council

20 June 2022 - 10:00

Summer Study Camps offer children the opportunity to develop their English alongside other important skills, such as communicating confidently with peers and adults. The British Council uses hands-on experiential learning to make each camp engaging and stimulating for kids of all ages. Here’s what parents can expect from our interactive programme.

How interactive learning boosts development

In all of our courses, we want young learners to engage deeply with English, not simply memorise rules and structures. This means using a student-centred approach that aims to ignite a love for learning and curiosity for the world around us. By making learning interactive, children grow to become independent thinkers, confident in their ability to take charge of their own learning journey. 

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Interactive activities from our Summer 2022 Study Camps

Group research projects

Focusing on the theme of ‘Media World’, our Upper Primary camp students will work in teams to complete a challenge. Their project is to come up with a persuasive argument to convince the school director not to ban mobile phones, which they will then present to their classmates. By exploring stimulating topics with real-world application, the children will build confidence in collaboration, public speaking, writing for different audiences and outcomes, critical thinking and sharing informed opinions.

Drama games

Early Years camp students will have the chance to develop their creativity through our fun Act it Out programme. Our Pre-school learners will learn about characterisation, telling stories and props as they take part in a short play. Importantly, the children will get the opportunity to improvise, encouraging self-expression as they use voice and movement to bring characters to life. After final rehearsals and preparations, parents will be invited to watch the cast bring down the house via Zoom.

Minecraft virtual learning tool

This year, we’ll be introducing the game-based learning platform Minecraft: Education Edition to our camp programmes for Primary and Secondary students. Used by educators in more than 115 countries to support learning across the curriculum, the platform promotes skills that develop STEM knowledge, as well as 21st century competencies like creativity, collaboration and problem solving, in a digital environment. 

Students will complete a variety of projects on the platform each week. For example, the first week of Summer Study Camp 2022 for Lower Primary will focus on the theme ‘Let’s Shop’. Using Minecraft, our young learners will be challenged to set up a virtual shop, prepare a shopping list, then fill their shopping bags with the items they need.

Summer Study Camps - Minecraft


As children progress through Secondary school, the ability to communicate ideas clearly and compellingly will help them greatly in their exams. Working with the theme of ‘The Connectedness of All Things’, our Secondary camp students will be challenged to form an argument related to the use of technology and the concept of ‘smart living’. Throughout the week, focuses include reading comprehension, asking and answering difficult questions, analysing the features of proposals and lectures, and giving a presentation to their peers.

About our Summer 2022 Study Camps

The British Council’s Study Camps are designed for children to learn about the world beyond English skills in a safe and supportive environment. Through group activities and individual attention, we see children grow in confidence as they learn to navigate social interactions. Our experienced teachers encourage students to experiment, ask questions and make mistakes, helping them to rise to new challenges and enjoy a rewarding and lifelong learning journey. 

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Each week is a complete, stand-alone camp with its own theme. Sign up to our kids summer camp in Singapore to join our upcoming programme. You can also read more about our Year-round Study Camps here.