By Singapore Teaching Centre, British Council

13 December 2021 - 14:00

You want your child to reach their full potential. In the 21st century, that means speaking English to a high level. Let’s talk about how to choose the best English tuition for Secondary students, to help them thrive at school and beyond.

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Choosing a secondary English tuition centre: what to look for

It can be hard to pick an English tuition centre. However, if you think about these key points, you’ll be on the right track.

  • Academic standards. Does the centre work with qualified and experienced teachers? Do they have high expectations for students?
  • Educational philosophy. Different people learn in different ways. The secondary English tuition centre you choose should reflect your values and your child’s learning style.
  • Appropriate facilities. Is there enough space for all the students? Are the classrooms built for education, or have they been converted from another use?
  • Additional support. Does the centre offer online lessons? Do they run social events or extra clubs to enrich your child’s learning? And do they offer courses so that your child can keep learning even after their school years?
  • Transferable skills. Learning a new language isn’t just about vocabulary and grammar. With the right teaching, your child will acquire valuable communication skills that will lead them to career success.

Learn more on English courses and camps for kids and teens

What makes the British Council in Singapore different?

The British Council in Singapore offers Secondary English tuition, island-wide. We work with experienced English teachers who use the latest methods for training and tuition, in alignment with the Ministry of Education curriculum.

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But it’s not just about standards for teaching and learning. We also have a unique approach to education. We want children to learn English through literature, culture and student interaction. We want children to be enthusiastic learners who will have great communication skills for their future careers. Learning English should be illuminating and thought-provoking.  

‘The British Council has benefited me in many ways... I have improved my English language skills as well as my marks. There are lots of activities lined up during class, which make the lesson more exciting and fun.’ - Xue Min (O-level Preparation)

Secondary English tuition at the British Council starts from age 12 with our Secondary Plus or Secondary Foundation courses. For older teens, we offer O-Level Preparation courses, with a strong focus on essay-writing and exam techniques. We also offer Lower Primary English tuition and Upper Primary English tuition.

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