By Singapore Teaching Centre, British Council

17 October 2022 - 09:00

LE Holiday Study Camps

What will your child learn at our November/December 2022 kids camp?

Study Camps are a fantastic opportunity for children to explore the world around them through English. With our November/December 2022 Holiday Study Camp coming up, let’s take a look at the skills our young learners will develop in week one while they engage in fun activities.

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Key learning outcomes

Early Years: growth mindset

Week one’s brilliantly fun ‘Best Dressed Aliens’ camp will introduce our youngest learners to space, immersing them in a fascinating new world that will spark their imaginations and creativity. We know that happy children learn best, and this year’s camp is all about inspiring joy in learning English, both in the classroom and beyond. Children will expand their vocabulary for describing their feelings and experiences while learning to be kind to one another, as their curiosity leads them to new knowledge and ways of communicating.

Primary: writing confidence

During your child’s primary years, our aim is to support them to become a creative thinker and confident communicator. The first week of our November/December 2022 Holiday Study Camp focuses on developing writing skills, using hands-on tasks to build their confidence and their love of learning. 

Primary 1 and 2 children will be guided towards their writing through a holistic course including listening and reading comprehension activities – the foundation for good communication. Participants will share their opinions, thoughts and experiences on topics such as family time in small groups and with the class, teaching them collaboration, and encouraging them to enjoy using imagination and self-expression to write descriptions.

Our Primary 3 and 4 camp will be focused on fiction and non-fiction writing skills. In an engaging, interactive week of activities, children will explore different types of text as they learn to consider audience and purpose. Exciting topics like ‘animals in danger’ and ‘fairy tales and morals’ will prompt young learners to relate stories to global issues and their real-world experience, nurturing their curiosity.

Primary 5 and 6 children will build on their writing skills over a week of creative writing fun, diving into techniques and tips to make their narratives sing on the page. On the final day of camp, the class will reflect on what they have learned, using their new knowledge to redraft and publish a story they have written.

Learn more on holiday study camps for kids and teens

Secondary: critical thinking

Our Secondary courses place a strong emphasis on helping students build a global mindset by developing their critical thinking and deep reading skills. Critical thinking is a fundamental skill for the 21st century, teaching young people to engage fully in their learning, be active participants in class, apply problem solving techniques and cultivate original ideas. It’s the key to excelling academically and standing out in our interconnected world.

In week one of our November/December 2022 Holiday Study Camp, learners will delve into the theme of ‘myths and legends’ to promote cultural awareness and analytical thinking. The whole class will complete a project combining writing and presentations, over five days of highly engaging and lively tasks.

About our November/December 2022 Holiday Study Camp

This year’s November/December Holiday Study Camp begins on 21 November. Starting every Monday, each week is a complete, stand-alone camp with a different theme, explored in a range of interactive and experiential activities. You may wish to register for a single week, or enjoy the full four-week learning programme.

Available for Early Years, Primary and Secondary students, our camps are suitable for all children who wish to learn English in a safe, fun and supportive environment, from beginners to advanced learners. Smaller class sizes allow for plenty of individual attention and guidance from our internationally qualified, experienced and professional teachers. Just as importantly, your child will be provided with opportunities to work together with their peers, developing invaluable socio-personal skills and a greater curiosity for their wider environment.

Register for this exciting, upcoming kids camp now and enjoy up to 25% off. You can also read more on how your child can benefit from our Holiday Study Camps.