Frequently asked questions (FAQ) on Primary and Secondary courses:

How are your courses aligned to the Ministry of Education (MOE) syllabus?

The learning outcomes for each class are taken from the MOE English Language Syllabus (2010). These can be seen in the student notes at the beginning of every lesson.

We target areas that Singaporean students find most challenging, focusing on comprehension and composition. Our curriculum also includes vocabulary and grammar.   

How will this course help my child prepare for their examinations?

We use authentic literature and themes to expose our students to language and ideas. This approach will improve your child’s ability to read more complex texts and answer inferential questions. Their compositions will also be richer both in style and content. This will have a positive impact on their grasp of language and lead to better results. 

How can I help my child with their English study?

You can strengthen and cement knowledge gained in class by engaging in regular discussions with your child on the topics that they are studying. Offering an adult’s perspective will help them develop and strengthen their ideas, which will eventually allow them to understand more complex texts and write better compositions.You don’t have to be a teacher to have a positive impact on your child’s learning! 

What is unique about studying with the British Council?

High-calibre teachers: Our teachers are highly-qualified and keep up-to-date with current educational research. In addition, all teachers are trained in current MOE guidelines that will best support students studying in Primary school.

A course dedicated to the needs of Singaporean students: This course is designed and taught by teachers who understand the biggest issues that local students face.

An international environment: Students meet teachers and staff from across the world, exposing them to different values and opinions, broadening their mind. This will prepare them for the world of further study and work, where global communication is essential.

Close home-school links: You will receive a welcome email from the teacher in addition to parent meetings and progress reports. We encourage you to communicate regularly with the teacher through these channels.