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What you’ll find in the learning hub

  • Tools for students to practise and create in English
  • Activities to strengthen what your child learns in class
  • Pre- or post-lesson tasks for Secondary Plus groups
  • Progress tracker so that students can watch their English skills improve

Explore the learning hub with these videos

Getting started with the learning hub : Learn the basics of the hub, such as how to log in, create a username, locate learning resources and get the most out of your experience.

Learning hub for Secondary Plus learners : See how the learning hub works and how it strengthens language-learning skills for Secondary Plus students.

Every learning hub includes these powerful tools

  • Progress checker for students and parents
  • Discussion page where you can see what your child did in the lesson and what homework has been assigned. Our Discussion tool is a safe place for your child to post questions about their work. (for questions of a personal nature, please contact the teacher via email.)

 See how the learning hub supports your teen

Secondary Plus and Upper Secondary Plus
Each magazine contains five sections of practice, including grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing and listening. In addition, all four skills, reading, writing, listening and speaking are practised during class time. 
Every section has a task or project to complete. Some require work in your child’s notebook to show the teacher in class, while others require materials to be submitted online for evaluation by the teacher.

Log into the learning hub

Technical requirements

  • For best results, access our learning hub using a desktop computer, laptop or tablet.
  • You’ll also need a good internet or Wi-Fi connection.

Find out more about the system requirements.