How we deliver

We strongly believe in learner-centred training, where participants are actively involved in discussions, case studies and role plays, providing opportunities to practise the skills and techniques introduced. Our learning games inject a sense of fun into the sessions, engaging participants, fostering teamwork and creating memorable experiences that enhance learning.

Modular programmes provide a clear learning pathway, building skills throughout the course. Each module develops specific competencies – participants receive trainer and peer feedback as well as self-reflect on their levels to set goals, monitor progress and plan how to implement their learning.

Face-to-face courses

Practical sessions where participants collaborate and engage with one another to learn:

  • our workshop space is an environment that encourages participants to experiment, share ideas and practise new skills
  • participants take part in team-building and hands-on learning activities to enhance their experience in the training room
  • participants benefit from trainer expertise and guidance on their learning and action plan for continued learning. 

Online courses

Flexible sessions designed to increase employee productivity and learning:

  • fully interactive trainer-led sessions using secure collaborative platforms and tools such as polls, breakout rooms and whiteboards
  • high levels of trainer feedback on competency levels and advice on how to improve these 
  • learning methodology that focuses on learner engagement and participation while maintaining optimal class sizes.