Business meeting in a cafe

We train and teach over 4,500 people a year. From individuals looking to speak with more confidence to professionals from banking to biotech and government agencies to tech companies, we cover Singapore and the region.

We are proud to have been working with some of our students and clients for over 70 years. 

Overall, awesome training! Really engaging, good energy and smooth transition between topics. Really good empathy to identify which participants should be called out, and when, to engage them. What was especially good was that everyone was engaged at the beginning of the meeting via Whiteboard, that set the pace for the rest of the meeting.
- Charles Simonetti, People Development Partner, Criteo, Online Participating in Virtual Meetings 

Really appreciate what the organisers and facilitator put together for the learners. I see a lot of effort has been put in to engage learners through the use of different functions and activities. An outgoing and lively facilitator made the session much more fun!'
- HR Professional who attended online Strategic Business Storytelling

I think it is very insightful and really helpful to my everyday work. It will help me to communicate with clients in better manner and look more professional.
- Consultant Professional who attended Business Writing Essentials

The course content was great and very useful. It covered many aspects of pronunciations that I was not aware of. The teacher did a great job in helping me to correct my pronunciation mistakes as well as to become more aware of difficult English sounds and words that are difficult to pronounce.
- Student from Business English Skills: Say it Clearly!

This course helped me break away from the habits of Singapore English which I initially thought was standard English!
- Student from Business English Skills

The course and the trainer are well experienced. He is very dramatic and presented the course well.
- Student from Business English Skills: Success with Presentations